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Let us do the work of selling your horse for you!  We offer an affordable consignment service, for a limited number of pre-qualified horses.  To see if your horse qualifies, please, Contact Us.

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We have an excellent facility that is convenient to the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex.  We are minutes away from both downtown Dallas and from DFW International airport, which makes viewing your horse convenient for many local and nationwide buyers.  Our sale horses get wonderful homes, we have many repeat clients, and we regularly get updates on many of the horses that we have sold in the past. 

Typically we allow the seller to set an initial asking price for the horse.  When a horse is first moved to our facility we work with the horse a few times, get to know the horse, and try to see what it has the most potential for.  After 2-3 weeks we touch base with the seller to make pricing recommendations and finalize the selling price.  If an asking price is agreed on, then we continue our process of marketing and selling the horse.  We take pictures of the horse, produce a sales video, and advertise.  We primarily advertise through websites, journals, newspapers, and other publications; and occasionally, on television!  We also let our extensive list of clients know that the horse is available, through email, and by making phone calls.  If suitable for the job, we use the horse in our lesson program until sold.  Horses are usually up for sale within 30 days from moving into our barn, depending on the horse and situation.  Our average selling time is 45 days, our sales contract is typically a 2 month period.  If during this time the seller decides not to sell the horse, the horse can be picked up by the seller and taken off the market,  provided we do not currently have a sale pending on the horse. All fees must be paid by the seller, including our commission off of the sales price that had been agreed to on the horse.


$475 per month - first month fee is due up front and is non-refundable
Past first month additional days are charged at $25 a day or $475 per month.

$350 advertising fee to cover the cost of placing ads on your horse.

15% commission off of the selling price

Any routine care that is due or comes up due while the horse is here is billed, at cost, to the seller.  Farrier, vet, coggins, shots, teeth floating, sheath cleaning, etc.

When you bring your horse to us, we require a check for $475, a signed consignment agreement, and if registered, the horse's registration papers and a signed transfer.  If a current up to date coggins is not dropped of with your horse, you will be charged for the cost of a new coggins.  If possible, please also provide any other records you have on your horse; vet records, show records, a copy of pictures or video that may be useful.

For more information please, Contact Us.  We look forward to working with you!

This is not a complete list, more terms are listed in our sale contracts.

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