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Aristo Bama -

"I loooove him so much!!! Sweetest funniest horse and so cute. Everyone wants him. ??" "I hear so many nightmare scenarios from people buying sight unseen, and then I’m over here like…. Here’s my perfect horse. ??. Just what I wanted- a good foundation but still lots of room to grow and learn more."


Doc Holl E Wood -

"Hi Amanda. Doc is a treasure. Thank you so much for connecting us. He’s one of those once in a lifetime partners. ?? I can just think of going in a direction and off we go. ??"


Long Cool Jazz -

"She is amazing! My husband had to have another back surgery so he hasn't got to show her yet but he is breeding her to metallic mvp this spring. He is gonna try and maybe show her some this year in the meantime she is my go to girl for checking cattle and helping me get up any that gets out ?? she will go through anything and LOVES every minute of chasing or working cows. I had some cows get out down the creek with some steep hills and rough terrain and when I seen that hill we had to go down I was like well jazz this is what separates the women from the girls and all she was worried about was the cattle at the bottom! I was sooo proud of her! She truly is one of a kind. And I LOVE her personality."


Simple Simon Pieman -

"Hi girlfriend! That Simon is Amazing! I've been riding him also! What a lovely horse and so sweet. We can go a week without riding him and he is always a gentleman and perfect in every way!!


LB Show Girl Kitten -

THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WORDS NOR ARE THERE ENOUGH """THANK YOU'S""" that can express how very GRATEFUL I AM TO YOU, AMANDA for your HELP & GUIDENES FOR THE purchase of JB SHOWGIRL KITTEN...She is the PERFECT FIT in my search for a FOREVER ONE....her ground manners are unbelievable...she is so forgiving & broke broke broke!!!....I know my 9 yr old granddaughter has the one meant for her....the hand in the glove search is over....I TRULEY LOVE THIS MARE WITH ALL MY HEART & HATS OFF TO YOU, AMANDA FOR THE TRUST & SKILLS YOU SENT MY WAY.


Golden Boy -

Hey Amanda - Golden Boy is awesome! He's got the best mind, and is so fun to ride. I've ridden him out alone and with others, and it is so refreshing to have a horse like him. I've got him in training with my show jumping trainer, and we've been teaching him how to do some jumping which he is picking right up on. Nothing spooks him and he's liking night turnout here. He's exactly the horse that gives me a ton of confidence and he is super fun to be around. I don't think I've gotten his socks as white as they were when I first saw him in Texas but I'm working on that part! Just wanted to let you know how cool of a horse he is. He's safe too, both my mom and brother have walked him around the arena a bit. You did a great job finishing him. Here he is in Virginia looking like a little star. Thanks so much, Erin


Ruby -

O My Gosh Amanda! Ruby is a beast on the cows! I felt like a pro on her today...our first time on cows since the Covid mess. She sure knows her job, and took care of me to boot. LOVE her!!!


Montana -

Hey just wanted to let you know that Montana has been a perfect gentlemen and has adjusted well. Carson and him have bonded well!


Jae Hawk -

This guy does everything Amada stated and more, he is a prince. I am so pleased with him and like she said he is a puppy dog, just has to be with me all the time, but the best thing is he knows how to work and enjoys it. Like one of my cowboy friends said "you get what you pay for". He is a good looking horse and and I am very proud to own him. Again, Thank you Valley View Ranch. Fred W.


Unzipping With Class -

Wanted to send you a couple pictures from our first lesson with Pixie today! We both got to ride her, although I only have pictures of Eleanor ?? Please tell her old owner that we love her already and promise to take very good care of her! And thank you for helping us find her, she's exactly what we wanted!


Joanna -

Nov 23, 2019 Hi Amanda, just wanted to send you an update on how we are doing. I just love this horse. She is the sweetest horse!


Diggers Gallant Red Fox -

Nov 1, 2019 Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed by boy. I’ve intended to text you before now but we have been on the road/trails. Just got back from a week in Tennessee trail riding with friends. He is the best and most comfortable trail horse ever. Not to mention that he is great working and checking a large herd of cows here. Weather riding with others or by himself he doesn’t care if he is front,back, or in the middle all on a loose rain. Thanks for allowing me to buy my just right horse. I’m close to 80 yrs young and I couldn’t be happier to being able to continue my riding in comfort.


Stylish -

Update on Stylish. We’ve won 3 more buckles this year in ranch Riding and we were finalists at the AQHA level 1 show in ranch riding. He has been such a great horse for us! Thank you again


Peter - -

Love him. Pics from trail ride this weekend. Thank you


Strait Fate -

one more pic of us catching the ring. This is supposed to mimic how the Portuguese cattle workers use the garrocha pole to trip a calf so they can doctor it. Easier than jumping off your horse onto the calf!


Champ -

Hi - We are loving little champ. Look what he is doing these days. He is a Super strong pony out on the course and will try and do anything and isn’t a bit spooky. My daughter loves him!! From Western, to trail to jumper


Fargo -

Hi Amanda. I just wanted to let you know how much I love Fargo. He is a really sweet boy and he is everything I wanted in a horse. He has settled in nicely at my sister, Sherry's ranch in Placerville, CA and he immediately got along well with her horse. Thanks again, Terry


Goldie -

Amanda and Family, Thank you so much for Goldie. My granddaughter loves her and is building up her confidence having such a sweetie that is so easy to handle. The picture attached is of Kleo and Goldie at their first show together and the first time Kleo rode her any place except at my ranch. They placed second in Western Equitation (walk trot) and as you can see from the smile she was very happy. If you would like to use this under "Happy Customers" please feel free to do so. Jean


Dani -

Thank you again for such a great horse! Dani is super athletic and calm on all terrain. She takes care of her rider. Dani has a goofy personality and is so fun to be around! Pam


Mojo -

Mojo ran top 10 (6th place outa 470 runs) and won me the average saddle for Can-Am :) Was also top 10 stampede penning... Looking for another one just like him (hot as a pistol, catty etc) but younger 5 or 6 years old.


Just Burn A Lil Smoke - having fun trail riding in Independence, LA!

We are very happy with Smoke and he is doing well.


Meradas Big Swing - sorting and penning with Melaniein Alberta,Canada!

Been in our first penning yesterday. She is awesome! We did a 26 sec and 32. Enough to be in the jack pot. 2000$. We didn't win. We ended up 4th. Witch is awesome for our first one. Caliber is very high here. I am very proud of her. Had so any good compliments. We make a perfect team. Thank you so much. If you ever end up with another horse similar as her. I mean character, nervous and toutchy please let me know. It's what i like. And with more energy. A bit bigger could be good too. I don't mind about age, price.... 4000$ and lower if possible. She won't be able to handle all the teams I have for next summer. I'll need a back up . I love her so much.

Paradigns Cash - sorting with Molly in Amarillo, TX!

Hey, This is lee stark, We bought Paradign Molly won her first check yesterday at a sorting.  Her and her horse was .1 of a second away from a buckle.  They are doing well, Thought you would like to know.

Peeping Bo Freckles - with Jenna in Mansfield, TX!

Just thought I would send another picture of mister Bo Bo! He's on awesome horse!!!! We love him!!


WRJ Shez A Choice and Charming Hickory - with the Grymalas in Hawthorne, WI!

Hello! Last summer we bought two awesome horses from you, charming and choice. They are both doing awesome! Choice is being made into a gamer and teaching a little girl how to ...ride! Charming has become my main horse for everything. She won my first highpoint this summer, she even won five all at wsca shows. She has won or placed in at least one jackpot at each show! I even got to do a cow show with her. She's been to rodeos and has done everything. Just wanted to let you know we couldn't be happier!

Rats N Cats - having fun trail riding in Rocksprings, TX!

I have just spent a happy week at our ranch in Rocksprings, riding Buddy (Rats N Cats) every day. He is everything I was looking for - quiet minded, well mannered, small ...being beautiful and a son of High Brow Cat is icing on the cake!
Thank you, again, for finding him for me.
Rhetta McAlister. www.minidonk.com


Chiquita Nu Memories aka: "Kita" - having fun trail riding in Copperass Cove, TX!

We just returned to Texas from a trail ride with friends in Oklahoma. I wanted to tell you just how fabulous Kita was. She traveled heavily wooded trails like a pro. She rode quietly through large changes in elevation. She rode quietly through rocky, muddy trails. She crossed many mountain streams and one was even belly-deep for her. She rode with four other horses beautifully and these horses were strangers to her. It did not matter if she was in the front, middle or the rear, she was the same great horse.

She is exactly the horse that I was looking for. We are already planning our next trail riding trip.

Thank you very much.


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Sonitas Smart One aka: "Joker" - having fun trail riding in Sandia, TX!

Hi Ashely & Amanda,
Just wanted to let you know how excited I am with "Joker"! Awesome little horse! I'm so glad I brought him home with me! I've been learning his buttons and he's teaching me a few things himself. Joker is also helping me gain my confidence. He is truly my little sweetheart!!! I appreciate you and Amanda for all the hard work you do every day!! Thanks,


MS Smart Tipster - having fun trail riding in Lewisville, TX!

little mare is doing great. We rode out for the first time NYE and she was not excited about the donkey that lives in the front pasture and had a hard time crossing water....

Yesterday I went out on her and (donkey wasn't there) and she did fine.
We rode 25 miles and crossed that same stream of water she jumped over NYE about 5 times and she crossed it fine.

Went out again today for 3 hours and she was great! She's looky at things but doesn't really spook. Which is fine.
She gets along great w the other horses I trail ride with and listens well to my commands. I've let her loose a couple times and she's very pokey (slow, lol) but she stops when I tell her to! Which is great Bc most ponies don't when they get going.

So overall she's great! Haven't had any major issues with her, except the donkey.... But after she freaked out I got off her and made her meet him... Then she was fine!

I might be looking for another horse soon so if anything comes to mind let me know!


Blaze Me Colonel, ItsaSkippityDoDaDay,and THC High Style Tally
- all living the easy life near Amarillo with sweet little Dani!

Just wanted to thank you and your sister again for helping me find these three wonderful horses.

As you can see, we finally had some good rains and have greened up, first time in three years.

The horses are getting along fabulously and are a joy to handle and live with, plus all ride like a dream.

Thank you so much, you did a great job, as always. Dani.


Punkins Dakota, Wonders Gold Money, Lenas Graceful Pep, and Spot Fajita
- all with the two awesome Pilkington girls in
Lexington, TX!

I just wanted to give you the update on Banjo! He is doing AMAZING. i could ask for a better rodeo horse! i took him to the 4H district competition back in june, and he won me a 12th place ribbon out of 87 riders in the barrel racing division!:-) he got me qualified for the state competion! :-) when we went to state, which was in Abilene the last week of July, I ran a 26.026 on poles, and a 16.826 on barrels! I almost cried because i've never ran that fast on barrels. we didnt make top twenty with that time, but we placed 22nd out of 154 riders. We were so close! But for his first time there, i was happy with his performance. We havent had him for a long time, but he's already making me improve, and run faster times. i love him, and once again I can't thank y'all enough for letting us come and try him out. He's such a good boy!:-) I am sending you a picture of me and banjo with our 12th place ribbon from district, and a couple pictures from state. Once again, thank you guys so much!:-)



I just wanted to let you know that banjo and me are two peas in a pod! I love him to death. Him and Dakota are like brother and sister now. He loves his new barn and loves his new owners! I've already taken him to 3 barrel races and placed in the 3D in all of them! I can't thank you enough for letting us come out there bright and early in the morning and trying them out. He's perfect! we are actually going to a barrel race today in
Bastrop, Tx and I'm so excited! I can't say enough good things about him. He has absolutely no alley issues, no problems with other horses, and he's not scared to be in new arenas that he's never been in! He's my baby:-) I will send you some pictures of me and him so you can post them on your website:-) once again, I can't thank you enough!:-):-)



Maddie running Dakota on the poles at a playday

Just seding you the update on sargent! (wonders gold money)

He is doing AMAZING. we had a little rough start, but now, we are "partners in crime". :-) i competed with him in the southeast district 9 4H horse show, and placed 5th out of 150 in barrels with a 16.578. i was so proud of both of us, and so excited! i also rode him in the drill team division, and nothing scared him at all. i was wearing a long white skirt, and a he was wearing a feather on his head. we looked sharp! :-) i am attaching pics from the horse show. hope you like them!



Hey Just wanted to give you the update on Gracie!
She is doing amazing! Shannon just adores her. We are so happy that we purchased her, because if we didn't, Shannon wouldn't be at the level that she is now. The whole family loves her, and loves riding her! The picture is from today at the barrel race we went to in Bastrop, Texas. She ran a 20 flat!

-but anyways, we thank you so much, and we hope to see all of you again!


Astro, Star, and Flash - now with the Barrick family right here in Rockwall, TX!

Just sending you guys a picture of our buddies we bought from you almost 3 years ago! Flash, Star and Astro! We love them even more today than the day we brought them home! Didn't think it was possible but we are so blessed to have all of them!!


Fancy Little Slick - has a super home in British Columbia, Canada!

Sorry it has taken me so long to send a note but I just wanted to update you quickly....I absolutely love Slick!! He is working out well. No problems or concerns. Thanks for all your help with the purchase. Good luck to you in your future.

Stacey Carter


Ima Peppy Smart Doc - now with the Brookshire family in Houston, TX

Cherry Creek's little Cali Brookshire not only wins a buckle for the 2nd time at an RSNC show at Cherry Creek but has headed to the RSNC finals and earned two spots in the top ten for the championship round out of 140 horses. Go cali.

George - now trail riding in Brandywine, MD

George is doing Great. Took him on a two hour trail ride today. He was perfect. I just love him and so does Dancer my Tn walker. Thanks again. Cathy.


Zippo Investerbar To aka:" Peanut"- now in Oklahoma with the Mcrays!

Jacen had his first "official" riding lesson on Peanut (Cheeto) this week. This little gelding is so quiet..proving to be everything we thought he was! On a side note, Jacen saw an ad in the AMERICA'S HORSE magazine I was reading last week. A girl with long dark hair, straw cowboy hat, red shirt, jeans, and boots was sitting on a horse. He pointed and loudly exclaimed, "That's Amanda!"


Stylin Justa Little - now has a wonderful home in Kelseyville, CA

Keep your eye's open for a Clone of Justin. I want a horse between 5-10 years old. Well trained that does barrels and sorting. I love Justin bloodlines any thing like that would be Awesome. I am thinking with in the next 3 months.

Thanks for all your hard work! I have never been happier. I would not be at my riding level today without all your guys hard work and dedication. I am forever grateful.


Berts Poco Playboy - now trail riding in Cedar Hill, TX

It's been almost 1 1/2 years that I have had Bert, and I am still thankful for you in helping me find him! He is the sweetest boy and is proving to be a great trail horse. He is not afraid to attempt different types of terrain and water crossings, and his confidence transmits to other less confident horses on the trail, so they will do things they haven't done. Our barn just got a new manager who does reigning and cutting, so I will be learning things on Bert that Bert knows well, but I don't! It should be fun. Everyone at the barn loves him!!!! Thank you so much for helping us meet each other. I will recommend you every time I have the chance!


Miss Scootin Merada - now sorting and doing stock horse with Sherry in Southlake, TX

She's one horse who gives 200% and loves whatever job I ask her to do. So blessed to have her - thanks to you and Amanda!

Harriets Mister - now doing really well with Morgan in Parker, TX

Sage has been AWESOME! A few days after getting her home we went on a trail ride to the Kroger near my house. Only thing she was a little scared of was those crazy cyclists who would come up out of nowhere. I've also taken her to my trainers a couple times now and he was shocked that she was only 3! She is always so willing and brave. By far she has the best brain of any horse I've owned. I am so excited to see her grow up, and am so thankful for your awesome and honest service. One of the best horse buying experiences I've had.

Thanks so much!

Morgan Toal


WSR Smartlil Badger - now an all-around horse in Fort Worth, TX

I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying Badger and he is doing well. He is such a great horse. I really appreciate all your help and hope both you and Amanda are doing well. May God Bless both of you. Gen Farrell


Colonels Classy Cash - now a super trail riding/confidence building horse in Abliene, TX

Hey Got to ride Chewy in the Bob's today. OMGosh! Best money I think I ever spent! I was so comfortable, I could have gone to sleep ;)))) Took Chewy around the neighborhood -one other horse and rider with us- and he did great! Traffic, dogs, and pastures of other crazy horses, and we all survived. Oh, and did I mention this was all done with zero lunging after almost three weeks without being ridden?!?!

Thanks again for my Wookie, and thank Amanda for the Bob's!!! :)))))


Reno ~Now in a loving home with a young lady in Findlay, OH!

This is Emily's Mom. (Meg) I wanted to send you a few more pictures and you can see what a wonderful rider and young lady Emily has grown up to be. She and Reno just have become one. they are such a good team. He is the highlight of our day always. I just can not thank you enough for working with me to find the perfect horse. It has been almost three years now that we have had him and he still amazes me everyday. You can tell he loves to please Emily. She is also doing reining and he just rocks at it! We will always recommend you when anyone asks us where to get a horse. You are honest and true and that is hard to find in the horse world!!

Thanks for making my life so great!

One Proud mom,

Meg Powell


here are some pictures of reno and i at the hancock county fair this last weekend. we placed 5th in lead line out of 14 people. then i placed 4th in walk-trot horsemanship out of 18 people. then we placed 5th in walk-trot pleasure out of 16 people. he was sooo good at fair this year!!!!!

thanks for the awesome horse,

emily and reno too!

Here are some of Emily and Reno's first show pictures. This horse continues to amaze me everyday. He is kind and gentle to her and really lights up when she walks into the barn. We are so lucky to have such a level headed 4 year old horse. We get compliments all the time on how well he behaves. Nothing seems to get him anxious or upset. She can take him anywhere. We are so lucky to have him. Emily has been doing a little reining patterns with him and I tell her to learn from him. He is just such a great horse. To us he is priceless!!!!! Thanks again for all your help in finding us the best horse. We adore him.
With all our respect,

Meg and Bob Powell
Emily and Reno!!

hey, how's it going at valley view? things are going great up here. I have just started lopeing on Reno. he is so good for me. sincerely, Emily and Reno

Reno is the perfect horse for me thanks for finding him for me. I appreciate it. today (12-19-08) I rode Reno in a halter and lead rope and another horse got spooked and reared and the rider fell off and the horse stepped on the riders foot (today was her b-day and she is one of my friends who is turning 18) and amazingly Reno did not react at all so I did not get hurt. but again I thank you very much for finding the perfect horse for me I love him so much!!!! I will up date you on some recent pictures. thanks again, Emily Powell and  Rawhides Reno

Hi there,

Just wanted to update you on Emily and Reno. They are such a good pair. We can't thank you enough for what you did in helping us find a great horse for our daughter. I will always look to you in the future for a great horse. Here are some pictures of Emily and Rawhide Reno. I will also send you updates. She will be showing in the spring. She is learning so much and she has a great horse to learn on. Everyone is so impressed with him. I have given your website address to many people this month. In the future we will contact you again for a horse. We can't thank you enough. I hope all is well with you and your family and at Valley View.

Thank you so very much,

Meg, Bob, and Emily Powell

and Reno too... 

Big Enough - now an all-around gelding for a family in Belton, TX

Here is a picture of Big Enough (Big E,) and my daughter Victoria after we bought him from you. They are such a cute pair and he has really grown to trust her more than anyone. She is having so much fun with him at horse shows, play days and barrel races and I'm practicing cutting on him in hopes to show in the future. He is teaching Victoria how to be a better rider and she is becoming more confident everyday. He has been the perfect addition to our family!! Thanks for selling him to us!

The DeKay Family

Boonlight Bandit - now an awesome trail riding horse in Austin, TX

Ashely, thought you might like this pic of Paula and Bandit taken today. They headed out with two other folks and horses for a three week ride. it includes a working ranch in New Mexico and work some cattle. then on up to Canada and then the Cheyenne rodeo.

Paula tells me he has been the perfect gentleman. she especially loves his smooth lope. also two pics on the day of his arrival.

many thanks, craig


Thanks for the note. please feel free to use the photos as you see fit.

Thanks for the video. that is the correct address.

keep us in mind if you find another one like kit kat or bandit.

paula is really falling in love with bandit. thanks for all your help and time, craig



Docs Glowing Badger - going to be a trail riding horse in Oxford, FL

Hey. We went on our first trail ride yesterday..badger was perfect..I love him. We went to lunch after and he and his buddy had their lunch in the trailer.he is so sweet ..here is cute pic of him..thanks again. Sandy

Haven't made it out on the trail yet as I want to get Badger more in shape..but have ridden him around the property 20 acres..I just love him..he is so sweet and trusts me completely..Although he is not comfortable with some things he listens and then does them..I am sure he has never walked across a tarp,drug a log etc..but he is trying..he walked through our hay ring today..he just listens to me then does it..He opened a gate which I am sure he hasn't done..so I think in time he will be a great trail horse..nothing bad about him at all..I haven't seen him put his ears back at any of the other horses not even at feeding time..he is just a no trouble boy..so you can post this on your owners page if you like..I also want to thank you for a great purchase..I hve bought many horses on the internet and this was the easiest and best one..You present the horses great and get back to people when they ask questions..I have told many of my friend about you so many some horses will be coming to Florida..take care and will send a trail pic soon Sandy

BA First Down Charge - running barrels in Tehachapi, CA

Hi there! I was told you were wondering how devy was doing and actually I renamed her "fox" and she is currently running consistently in the 1D at all the races! And ive been taking her to a ton of rodeos as well. I'm super attached to her and she is so spoiled here. I absolutely love her!
Thank you for selling her to me, she's really special.



Rippin Catalyst - now has a forever home with Dianne in NJ

Love this horse more every time I ride her! Chick's got a beautiful golden summer coat. took two buddies to talk me into taking the leap to buy her. Now I can't thank you enough for making it happen. (Would never have any hesitation buying another horse from you if the needs arises.) You can tell her old owner she has a home for life.

Ok, you have made a believer out of me. I still can't believe I bought a horse off the internet without ever trying her. So out of character for me. That being said, I absolutely love this mare. She is everything you told me and more. I would never hesitate to buy another horse from you. Thank you so much. Dianne

Finally got to ride Chick yesterday. Very on the muscle but settled a bit during the ride. Hopefully will mellow with a bit more work. She had been sitting for quite a while now. Great mare, I love her. Thanks.

Ruf Joke - now competing/showing in just about everything and cleaning up!
with Ryan - who lives here locally in Royce City, TX!

Ryan & Ruf Joke cleaning up: 1st Place in Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Hobby Horse Division, W/T Barrels, Poles & Stakes; Grand Champion Halter Gelding 5 and over and 3rd Showmanship! Best Horse ever! We love our VV horse!


Wil Mil Mate  riding, running barrels, and even showing with Liz in Beaverton, OR!

I love my MATE, my soulmate!! PERFECT FIT FOR ME! Having lots of fun with him



Having a great time with him, Yes, a little attitude but very easy to get over himself. Just exactly as you explained him. He is just hilarious and I really love him. We have been to four barrel races, just getting the atmosphere down, So, I am comfortably not him. He's great. I knew what to expect on my mare, just taking it easy and enjoying all my time with him. I see him almost everynight, and he is ridden/worked 5 days a week.

the girls from my barn talked me into going to a western pleasure show. I said, I don't do that kinda riding. So, I went entered the walk, jog, lope open class and placed 4th, Wow, as I entered into the area, I yelled at one of my girlfriends. "How do I hold the reins again" They all fell over when the class was done. There were about 22 people in the class.



Lucky Haidas - running barrels with the big girls in Memphis, TN!

Hey- I understand... You are always busy busy- glad u took a break.

Yess, feel free to post anything I send you! She has been a blessing. Oh yeah, definitely mute him on the video- haha, he's a nut :)

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Well just wanted to send another update. "Izzie" has blown my mind! Never thought she would come so far so quick.. And people are noticing. Haha :) I took her to a barrelrace against the "toughs" a few weekends ago and she ran in the bottom of the 1D. Then she made her first semi "pro" rodeo debut this past weekend (IPRA rodeo) and ran 4 tenths off (15.5 and 15.1 won) This was against horses that are solid 1D/IFR quality. So... To have a few bobbles and run .4 tenths off after barely a month of running her.... Was pretty amazing to say the least! This girl has been an absolute dream.

Also.. I have been asked multiple times where she came from and pretty sure there are a few girls already trying to plan trips to come see y'all. Haha. So... If you get any TN rodeo girls.. Izzie likely sent them your way :) I'm sending you her video from the IPRA rodeo. Ignore the commentary- just a goofy friend.

Thanks again,



Although I've only had "lucky" for about a week... I absolutely adore her! She is so much fun to ride and handled her first barrelrace great! I couldn't be happier- she's a cutie. Ill update you with some runs in the future :) thanks again!



Shieks Ghost RDB - now a beloved pet/pleasure riding horse in Weatherford, TX!


I love Casper so much.. Thank you!!

Playboys Hickory Bar -now called "Rio", is sorting in Waterfall, PA!

Hi Ashely - Just wanted to update you on a horse I purchased from Valley View in Dec. Playboys Hickory Bar a.k.a. Tony. He is doing great here in PA. He's not crazy about our mountains, deer, and bugs though. We have been on the trails a lot this spring with the nice weather - although he doesn't seem thrilled with trail riding. Seems to be wondering when we are going to get to the cows. I took him sorting for the first time last Sat night and he showed me a complete different horse. He was definately in his element. That was my first time sorting and he made me look good. I absolutely had a blast and am hooked. That is the most fun I have ever had on a horse and plan to do a lot more. Tony's name is now Rio and has picked up on it quickly comes in from the pasture when called.

He was everything you said he was and I am so happy to have found him. Thanks again.

P.S. Please pass this along to his former owner and tell her I love him to death.

Robin in PA

Yes! you may post.

I am already searching for more ranch sortings in our area. The one we went to only holds twice per month and that isn't enough. There seem to be more team penners in our area - I might have to try that til the sorting picks up.Thanks again for a great horse. I waited a long time for this one.

Ready On Five - winning money and prizes with her young owner in Houston, TX!


Had to share these pics with you of Ally and Ms. Piggy from Saturday.  Over 200 entries, and Ally placed 3rd in the 2D youth class and won $80 and a custom bronc halter!

Another girl from our barn who high school rodeoed (and hasn’t ridden in 3 years) also entered Piggy in the Open at the same race and she placed 3rd in the 4D and won $250 and a custom bridle!

Ms. Piggy ran 3 times that day (Ally fell in the cracks in the 4D in the open)  (fastest time that day was a 15.4) and Ally has run her fastest times yet, in the low 17’s.  She is just getting better and better and we are so happy with her!!

LOVE HER      

Sallys Dual Pep -now called "Jazz", is having fun sorting playday-ing in Florrence, TX!

Hey there, wanted to tell you I took jazz to a playday yesterday and she did great. She finished 3rd out of  17 people. Not bad for our first time out. She messed up In the poles, she had no idea what to do lol. But I had fun. I just love her. Just thought is share with ya. Hope things are going good. Ttyl

Lil Cuttin Critter - going to be running barrels in Omak, WA!

I have enjoyed meeting Critter. He is watered and fed and hanging out in the pen. He will be as happy as I am!
Thank you, Tammy


Smart Bet On Red, Murphy, and Sonny Go Lucky Brew - All living the good life in Pearland, TX!

Thought I would send you this photo of Mr. Pibb, Murphy and Lucky enjoying
the spring flowers.


Cash Luckys Check-  winning with Erin in Sheridan, AR!

My last name has changed.  Hope that didn't cause confusion.

I'm finally getting these pictures sent.  I can't tell you how much we love this little mare.  She is the most willing, gentle little thing.  And she will GO!!!  Not to mention she will turn on a dime!  I'm never afraid for Erin to be on her either.  She is so trustworthy.

She and Erin went to our State Show in keyhole and poles the very first year we had her.  They went back last year, and were only one position out of placing.  Erin and Lucy are perfect for each other.  We had a preseason playday last weekend, and Erin and Lucy won all of their events but one, and they were second in it!  They get noticed everywhere we go.  We honestly think we DID SOMETHING by getting this little gal!  We can't thank you enough. 



The Diverse Luke -  being loved by a sweet family in League City, TX!

First of all let me apologize for taking so long to write and let you know how happy we are with our amazing "LUKE". There are no words to  adequately describe the joy he has brought to me and our family. After a bad riding accident, it was very important for me to find a horse that would be tolerant of my imperfections, with a kind disposition. If you remember we came to you in search of a smaller horse...but we were attracted to Luke .....like love at first sight. I remember the day we met him like it was yesterday. We let our son Riley try him out first. It was unbelievable. All 59 pounds of our fourth grader connected with him immediately as they had a great ride. I remember my turn: still a bit unsteady I climbed in the saddle. Luke had no problems dealing with my out of shape posting and weak seat at the canter.

We continue to have a wonderful relationship with this awesome horse. He has the perfect disposition for us. He loves to be ridden almost as much as he loves to share our gatoraide!!! Yes, that has become a special treat for him along with his cookies, apples, and carrots.

Riley has even shown him in a local A show and placed eighth on the flat in a rather large class. Riley will begin showing him more this spring.

Like his full name "THE DIVERSIFIED LUKE" implies...this beautiful equine is just an all round splendid animal and we feel so blessed that he is now part of our family.

As much I love riding him...I have a feeling my son will be taking him over...which means we will probably be calling you soon to find another great horse and good friend for Luke!

Lica(Lisa) and Jim Healy


Sweet Scootin Dude -  being loved by a young girl in Kingwood, TX!

Dude – now called Eggo won a beginner jumper class with Carly.  Carly wanted to see if you could pass along photos to his prior owner. 



Royal Hail (AKA: "Prince") -  doing amazing things with his young owner Kourtney in The Woodlands, TX!

Its been almost a year since I bought Royal Hail (aka Prince) from you guys up at VVR :) I made a quick video just to show how far we have come in a year. I hope you enjoy this video and there might be more in the future!!!

<3 Kourtney Wynne and Prince

Long time no see! Just wanted to send you this video to show how far we have come :) We have started Parelli and I am making a tiny website dedicated to our journey so once I get it set up I will share the link.

Happy Trails!

Our first day of jumping bareback and bridle-less!

Hi Its Kourtney Wynne and I am so sorry that I haven't emailed in so long but I have been so busy the past couple months! I could send you some pictures but I will be making a video during the summer about how far we've gone :] Prince (Royal Hail) has been an amazing horse who has taught me so much to the point where I am more comfortable without a saddle than in one. We are constantly showered with compliments about how well behaved and beautiful he is :] He just loves everyone and they all love him. Thank-you again for this amazing horse!


Nic Dreamy  and Snoopy -  sorting and running barrels with the Sockwell family in McKinney, TX!

Smart Maggie Miss-  building confidence for her sweet new owner here in TX!

Just wanted to thank you guys. I know that you mentioned you didn't have Maggie long, but I have to tell you she is a joy!! She is always the first one up in the pasture and wants all the attention. She has really helped me build up my confidence in riding. She has been a great joy to ride.

Thanks again,

Summer Powers

Ellies Solano Bars  going to be running barrels with Brooke in Dayton, TX!

I will!:) The more I ride her, the better she gets!:) She learned how to flex in about 5 to 10 minutes yesterday! I figured she would probably forget by today, but she didn't! She remembers everything we worked on! I'm soo thankful to have her! She's so much fun

Hey, Ellie arrived at 4:30 this morning! She's everything I was looking for in a barrel racing prospect! She's just wonderful! She's a great listener, I don't think it will take much to get her running barrels! She's always willing to do anything! I love her to death! Thanks a bunch for everything! :)

Tamu Nu Rey Jay  with the Wilson's in Waco, TX!

Hi  About 6-8 weeks ago I bought a 12 yr bay named Ray Jey (I think).  Now his name is Bucket.  Ha.  He is awesome and takes good care of my little boy when he is being ponied by my dad on his bay horse. There is nothing better than seeing Grandpa and Grandson riding together and talking nonstop.  In fact, they've decided to become Dallas horse cops.  Hehehe.  Thanks again for your help in matching us with Bucket.  I hope y'all are doing well!

Karmin Wilson

Mack W  with Cindy in Brownfield, TX!

Just want you to know how well Mack is working out for us.  He is a gentle giant.  He and Dennis have really bonded. I could not remember what you said about his vaccinations.  Would you please check & let me know if you have the records?  When we left there with Mack we were going to Fairfield to meet a seller from out of Houston area.  I bought (and still have) 2 horses that were sooooo misrepresented.  Could have bought Glory for all the money we lost on this deal. Ended up back in Forney last Saturday &  bought yet another horse that is really wonderful—15 hand palomino mare same color as Mack.   This has been a journey just trying to find 2 good trail horses.  Thank you for running an honest operation.  You give me hope that there are still a few honest ones out there!!!     Glad God kept you all safe during the storm!! Keep up the good work!!


Smooth And Smart  and "Betty" ~both are now winning with Nancy in Tyler, TX!

Betty winning the open division of an ACTHA trail ride Sat. She did everything perfectly & made lots of friends!! Gelding I just got from u, (call him Boaz now), is just right for me...been practicing sorting alot on him & when you wake him up, he's awesome. Not the fastest, but always in the right position & easy to ride. Thank you!!!!

Lce Leos Callagha, now "Korey" ~doing horse trials with his new owner in Trenton, TX

Check out Kory and I!!  Please feel free to post and use as you like.  Kory is a real sweetheart.  I will be doing lots of showing this spring and summer.  I will keep you posted!!
take care

Hi Ashely,
A friend of mine trailerd her horse over and we went on a trail ride.  He was wonderful.  He quietly crossed streams, went through deep mud, up and down  the creek banks.  We walked through some pretty high weeds and he did not mind them tickling his tummy.  I have to remind myself that he is only three.

He is a real sweetheart!!!


Hi Ashely,
The papers came today.  Thanks so much. Korey is developing quite a personality.  He is such a love.  He is really warming up to me.  He has been great, I keep forgetting he is only 3!!

I am hoping to take him to the combined test at Rosehill in Nov and maybe their show in Dec too. 

I have named in Korona de Oro for his show name and Korey for his barn name.

Take care
I will send pics soon
Karla and Korey

Hi Ashlie,
Callaghan settled right in to his new home.  He trailered like a dream and is just a sweetheart.  Could you e-mail his shot record, last shoeing date and wormer record?  I forgot to ask you for that when I picked him up, 

thanks again

I rode him today and he went great.  I just love him!!!!!!

"Birkley" ~now with Justine in Red Way, CA!

I wanted to let you know that birkley and i are doing great he is such the best boy, i love him and he so loves me and i am very happy with him..

Justine Bunda

Colored Budee ~now with Raemi in Lubbock, TX!

Hi I just wanted to let you know that Budee is doing great! We went to a team

Cruel Jean Merada ~now with Carleigh in Ozark, MO!

She is doing great! She adjusted really good and i love her! :) Her and my friends gelding are really good friends and she gets along with all the other horses great! Thank you soo much she was just what i was looking for! :)

Colored Budee ~now with Raemi in Lubbock, TX!

Hi I just wanted to let you know that Budee is doing great! We went to a team penning last weekend and did really well and had a lot of fun. Her eye looks so much better, there's still a small scar but it's not affecting her vision at all. She's getting along great with my gelding and they are now best friends haha. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me come and check her out! I'm really enjoying her and I'm really happy that she's mine haha!

Raemi Gipson

Blazing Waltz ~now with Avery in Burleson, TX!

We just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing Wall-E has been to us!!! We, and pretty much everyone else at the barn, adore him!!! He is doing amazing!!! No one at the barn believes us when we tell them he's only two!!!  We are planning on showing him in dressage in March and April at the Curragh shows!!! We were going to wait until next year but Jenna believes he is ready!!! I am just so exited!!! Thanks again, Wall-E amazes me every time I ride him!!! Sincerely, Avery and Kay
P.S.- This is one of the pics we took while taking Christmas pics!

"Bo-Bo" ~now with Bailey in Osterville, MA!


Bo-Bo and Image (my other horse) say Merry Christmas!!!! thank you again, I love him so much i can't tell you!

Bailey Hans

I just wanted to say thank you again for Bo-Bo! We switched barns last weekend and i was ready for him to be excited and hard to handle at a new place and for my other two to be really relaxed. well what i thought was exactly the opposite!! the other two were crazy and Bo-Bo just found the grass in his paddock and started eating while the other two ran around bucking and rearing showing off for the mares. he is so perfect and everything i ever wanted! i rode him two days after we got to the new barn to give him a chance to settle in, but i'm sure i could've ridden him the first day he was so good. we didn't have any issues riding and he was perfect (as always). i am so grateful and i love him so much! Thank you again

Hi Bo-Bo is doing really well up here in Massachusetts! He is getting along really well with our two other horses (even though my other one is really jealous!) I have ridden him 10 times since he came 18 days ago. I could not be happier with my new horse! i am going to take him on a trail ride through MA conservation area soon! he has gotten his first massage, which i think he enjoyed thoroughly! I wonder if he's ever had one before. I round penned him today for the first time and you were right he does know how to round pen, he was really good, so i got on him bareback and we had a nice little ride. I am going to start barrels with him in a month just to give us both some time to get to know each other before we go to work. He doesn't seem so tall or fast now even though he ran off with me the other day (and i kinda freaked out for a minute because i wasn't expecting it, but we were fine!) He is everything I have ever wanted in a horse and i could not be happier! I'll send you more photos when we start the barrels and when we go to a race I'll let you know our first time. Thank you so much I really appreciate everything you did for me! Bailey Hans

Ristos Socs ~now with the Marshall family in Lewisville, TX!

Thanks so much. Socs is amazing. He is a good listener too. We love him!!

Love Um N Leave Um ~now with Deana in Arlington, TX!

I scanned a couple of pictures of Love running around and playing. He is the sweetest thing!

I had him scoped and he did have ulcers but we are through treating him now and he is doing wonderful, gained a lot of weight and has such a fun personality. He loves to have his tummy scratched. I have to have my arm operated on in January so for right now I am not being able to ride him but he is much loved and a part of our family!

Thanks - Deana Gavrel

Twist of Tenino and "Bon Jovi" ~now with the Mobarak family in Aurora, TX!

I just thought I would send you a couple pics of Lil Tino and let you know how he is doing.  He has put on a lot of muscle and weight and is just a joy to have. Here is a couple pics of my Trainer Eric, working him in the round pen. We will start showing him in Reining and AQHA show events this spring!  He has been just the most wonderful boy ever.Boy where you right when you said to show him a little love and attention and he will love you forever. He is so willing and ready to learn something new! We took him out to a local roping event just to let him get around other horses etc, and my trainer ended up healing off of him and won first and second!!  What a diamond in the rough we found in him,
Bon Jovi is wonderful too, he is our big teddy bear at the stables and anybody and everybody rides him. He gets a little lazy sometimes and would much rather eat than play, but will get any job done that we ask him too. My five year old is taking lessons on him and he is is such a gentle giant.  Thank you again for my two favorite boys!! Jana

SBF Holilena Pep aka: "Slick" ~now with Mari Jo in Stephenville, TX!


First of all I need to thank you and Amanda for taking the time to listen to what type of horse I was looking for and then helping me find Slick. I hadn't even had him home 24 hours and we went to our first sorting. Which was lots of fun and have plans to go again. I am very excited about what Slick and I will be accomplishing together.

I will highly recommend Valley View Ranch for anyone that is looking for a safe, reliable horse. Thank you again.

Mari Jo and "Slick"

Dual N Color and CC Starbuck Cash "Riggin" ~now with the Parker family in Cypress, TX!

Thought you might get a kick out of hearing Dual placed 1st  in 3D last night at a local jackpot.  It was only his third time to compete!  He's so awesome!

Angie Parker


Just following up with you regarding Riggin's paperwork.  We love this horse!  My husband has started  riding him (!) and he has been wonderful.  He is very smooth, nothing spooks him, and he neck reins beautifully.  He loves people and has a ton of personality.  I just can't say enough good things about him.

Thanks for everything,


Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of me and Dual paying around in the pasture. He has been such a blast to have! Everyone at the barn loves him, he has such a sweet, laid back personality. We've been working on barrels, and he loves to run and be challenged.

Many thanks to you and Amanda again for all your time and help with choosing my first horse. It was such a great experience for me and my family. We can't wait to see you again!

Angie Parker

Dual is doing very well! My farrier loves him, I took him for a saddle fitting and everyone there fell in love with him. He has the sweetest, laid back disposition. He comes right up to me in the pasture and has been great around other horses. My three year old goes to the barn with me every day and Dual is so gentle around him, he walks very carefully when Wade is holding the end of the lead rope with me.

My very good friend (who just happens to be a trainer) is helping me tune him up on barrels. After seeing Dual the first time she fell in love with him and commented that she thought I got him for a steal. As laid back as he is, he sure gets excited when he sees the barrels! He is very patient with me- he knows barrels better than I do for sure. I am learning a lot with him.

I am very happy with Dual- he is a blast to ride and awesome on the ground- the best of both worlds.

Thanks again for everything!


Dual arrived safe and sound and is happily settling in.  I cannot thank you enough for all your help.


Instant Okies Choice aka: "Okie" and Reach Four a Double aka: "Brumby"
~now with the Helminiak family in McHenry, IL!

Hey I just wanted to send you some pictures of Brumby and Okie. They are both doing really well. We got to take them camping for 4 days in October ( it was freezing cold up in central WI ), but we had an awesome time. Brumby was pretty much perfect the whole time. Okie was nervous at first and jumped around a little, but by the 2nd day he was so relaxed. I had 4 days of just touching and messing with him. A friend a mine was riding him for a while for me because I've been busy with my baby, so I hadn't totally bonded like I wanted to with him. Now that I've been able to get out and ride and massage him he is a different horse. The massaging really changed him. He knows I'm not going to hurt him. It just so cool to see how much he has changed since we got him and how much he trusts me now. He is a keeper! My son Jimmy plans on doing little britches rodeo this summer with Brumby and some little fun shows coming up soon. We will send some pictures. Talk to you soon!
Christine Helminiak

Boogies Chexy Chic and Tidal Waves Melody ~now family horses in Nahunta, GA!


Happy Ney Year!

I hope you had a great Christmas and new year... we did extremely busy but good none the less
I took these pictures while playing around with Boogie 12-24-09 it was a warm beautiful day so I took advantage of it.  I hope you are pleased with the way he is coming along.

Melody is doing great as well but she is really getting fat!  she is due to foal 3-3-2010
Well I'll send you some good pictures of the boys on Boogie as the weather warms and were riding more as well as Melody's foal.

Take care and talk to you soon

Have a Blessed Day,


Melody just arrived sage and sound, I'm working today so I can't see her untill tomorrow. I'll send you another photo of Boogie and the boys for your site taken with my camera (along with an update)
... I took that pict. With my phone.

Thanks for all your help!

Have A Blessed Day!


Major Ambition and Sarahs Smooth Arrow ~now with the Graves family in Canyon, TX!

She looks great!  I hope she is blessing to her new family.  I cannot tell you how much we are loving Major & Leddy.  Major is in training for reining, and he keeps us very entertained!  Leddy is as sweet as ever.

Thank you for the update!

Got everyone home today. They hauled beautifully!!! Our daughters were thrilled! I will send photos and an update when we sit on them. Currently we are covered in mud at our place. Thank you so much! We are very pleased!!!



Black Canadian Storm aka: "Little Joe"  ~now a hunter/jumper pony in Houston, TX!

Just wanted to let you guys know we gave my daughter, Abby, her horse yesterday (for her birthday).  She is beyond thrilled!  Little Joe - now known as "Stormy" (we already have a paint pony named Joe in our barn) is doing great.  He's been with a hunter/jumper trainer since we brought him home in September, and is learning how to be an English horse.  He's even popping over some little jumps!  Abby had a great first ride on him yesterday (I'm attaching a picture), and we will be taking him to our barn this week.  Just wanted to say thanks for all you did to make a little girls dream come true!
Julie Jones

Otoes Mito LeoCodys Navajo Fever, "TinMan", and Sonnys Lopin Lady
~now trail horses in Weimar, TX!

We did have a great Thanksgiving, thank you. Hope you all did too. And congratulations on that baby!! What did you name him? I hope he is still being a great baby for you!!

Don't forget about our request for a another Bomber or two.

Thanks a million,

Lisa Stehle

P.S. Ryan is absolutely having a blast with Tinman. He'd ride him every day if he had his way.

Have you sent the papers on Bomber? I have not received them, so I just thought I'd check. Thanks for your help, and we are still enjoying Bomber, Tinman and "Zeus" immensely. They are SUPERB!!

Just wanted to send you a picture of my boys on a trail ride at my sister Kris's place where we keep the horses. My husband, Jerry, on Bomber("HIS" horse)and my son, Ryan on Tinman. We are loving them, although now I'll be waiting to hear from you so momma can have her own beautiful, well-behaved horse to ride!

Thanks a bunch,

Lisa Stehle

Weimar, TX

"McNally" (now know as "Rein Dance/Hidalgo") ~is a spoiled pleasure riding horse in CA!

I have been working hard as a result of the recession.  Lucky me!  I can!  Anyway,  I haven't ridden as much as I like to as a result of needing money.   BUT,  I did have Reindance with Richard Winters for training for a month.  Horse Illustrated did a spread on Richard, and guess who Richard choose to ride?  Yup!  Our Reindance!  (now called Hidalgo).  I bought you a copy and will send it to you!   Terrific photographs of a terrific horse!  Richard has known me for about 20 years, through many horses.  He told me  that Reindance is a wonderful talented horse.  Any pro would be proud to own him.  And, of course, little old me, is pretty happy and proud to own him! 

Would you please confirm your mailing address?

I love checking your horses for sale.  

thanks for touching my life!

Joy Jones and Hidalgo

Please have a very happy healthy 2009! I know your hard work ethic will make the new year prosperous!

I love watching your web site, just to see how busy you are and what wonderful horses you represent so well.

Rein Dance's barn name became Hidalgo, in part after the famous horse and in part because of the meaning of the name; Spanish Nobility or Gentry.

We basically started training him as if he only had maybe 60 hours on him. As expected he is phenomenal. My trainer wants me to eventually transfer him to a reining show barn with (I am not sure of this name, but if you know of her you will recognize who I am getting at) Penny Girardi. I have no desires to compete with anyone other than myself. I will take him to horsemanship clinics with the likes of Buck Brannaman.

If you or Amanda will be showing in the near or sort of near future, please tell me. I have family in Fort Worth and Dallas and would love to show up to admire you. My goal is to ride like Amanda. I would be happy if I could just sit like Amanda!

Please try to remember to tell me if you are in any shows!

Much appreciation and thanks for my lovely little horse!


As you know, ReinDance arrived just fine.  I mentioned that he had a rolling fit, he must have rolled over 20 times!  But each time he shook off, ran around and threw himself down again.  When I put the halter on, he was quiet and calm!   My only concern is that I left around 3 PM and he still had not pooped.  I assume that all is well, as no one has phoned me.

Thank you for the halter.  I haven't had time to open the paper work you sent to me, thank you for that too.

What a pretty little horse he is!  I am so happy and I will make sure he will be happy too.

I so admire you and Amanda!  I realize how hard you work, and how well you do what you do.

We will keep in touch!

xxoo ReinDance and Joy

PS  thanks for this whole experience and introducing RienDance and I.  You made me feel like I was your only customer and I felt very special to you.

Bustsers Royalty "Mascot"  ~now a trail horse in Boca Raton, FL!

I just wanted to thank you so much, for putting up with me these past couple of weeks! Mascot arrived a little over an hour ago, he looks and is acting fantastic! The driver Becky could not have been more wonderful either, please pass that message along...as I have dealt with alot of not nice drivers and she could not have been more wonderful (wish she worked with the shipping company we use!!!) and she had nothing but the most wonderful things to say about you! So far after the 1 hour temp check, Mascot has no temp and is eating and drinking perfectly...so I am going to go back to sleep, but I had to write you this email first, just to say thank you again for everything!!!!He is everything so far that I have been wanting and waiting for, I can't wait to take him for his first spin! Thanks Again! Christine Czernyson

MystyEyedNHollywood  ~now a trail horse right here locally in Royce City, TX

By the way, Misty is AWESOME.  She is so laid back.  Dennis suggested that I just sell Misty back to you and keep Cactus and I said absolutely not.  She is one of the best horses I have ever had.  My grand-daughter can ride her too.

Shesa Quixote Cutter aka "Pebbles"  and Meradas Bingo Chex aka: "Jingles"
~now trail horses in Canton, TX!

Rode Sunday eve. and it went well.  Pebbles is a little gun shy in the woods, but did fine.  The two of them get along fabulously.   Thanks much.

Hope all is going well for you guys. Jingles is a dream. Don't ride her for awhile, go catch her, tack her up in a second, takes the bridle is a flash, and everyone can ride her, including kids.

Jamie ~Purchased by Julie Underwood and shown by Lilli in Maize, KS

We switched and you wouldn't believe what a difference it's made for Jammie.  Just wanted to write you and tell you that we are now doing flying lead changes!  We just love her!

Happy Thanksgiving...we are thankful that Jammie is a member of our family!

Well Lil and Jammie won her horsemanship class AGAIN last weekend at an AQHA show; also got 3rd in WP walk-trot. The trainer suddenly is really into Jammie now too. Also says her lope is coming along. I will forward you several pictures taken after the win last weekend. If you ever want to post her/us on your website as a happy customer, please feel free to do so.

Well Jammie isn't for sale after all...it's always a juggling act financially between two families but I think I've finally convinced them that she needs to stay plus Jammie convinced them of that last weekend...read on...
Lilli, her rider, is 13, beautiful, adopted from Russia, and her parents are divorced. I am engaged to her Dad, her Mom just got remarried. We all split expenses on the horse and usually are in agreement but for awhile, scheduling, trainer woes, and two of us getting laid off made us all question our financial obligation to the horse.
But it has all turned around now. I wanted to write you to tell you that Lilli ahd the best ride of her life last weekend and WON her Walk-Trot Horsemanship class. She also got a 3rd and a 5th in Walk-Trot WP. I think she would have won that but the judge saw her "bump" on Jammie. Anyway, we were thrilled with the horsemanship win and those placings but must brag about the fact that she also got a 6th out of 19 in Walk-Trot Non-Pro, all ages. Of course that was the show I didn't take any pictures or video!
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much we love Jammie. She is such a sweetheart. She is marvelous at shows...always loads, never creates a stir in her stall, bathes, clips, etc. all so well...just like you advertised. Her trainer isn't too nuts about her because he hates mares and I think he tumbled off a couple of weeks ago...he tells me she tossed him, but another gal at the barn saw it and said he lost his stirrup! That's his issue but we think she's as sweet as they come and so cooperative. He has had some head battles but she is learning as is Lilli and last week, she looked like the winner she was!
Over the winter, we will be working on English, which is where I think she needs to go. We are also working on Walk-Trot Trail. And hopefully, she and Lil will be loping soon. Lil just isn't ready for that yet and Jammie isn't the slowest loper but as you know, many judges now like that really slow lope that makes them look like they are trotting. We call it the "crab call" and we hate it. Jammie probably will never go that slow and that's ok with us.
Just wanted to check in and tell you how much we are enjoying her, how much we love her, and how's she progressing. We will be taking photos this next weekend at her last South Central Stock Horse Association show. She will go to one more show in October, a KQHA show here in Wichita.
Hope all is well with you and yours down there in Texas!
Julie Underwood

Hi all,
Many of you have been asking to see my mare "Jammie" and I'm happy to attach these pics from this past weekend's show.  The past two shows Lil has won her horsemanship classes and has been placing in the top 3 pretty consistently in her western pleasure classes.  It is truly a genuine joint effort between three families and our trainer (shown in picture).  This last week's win was huge since it was an AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) sanctioned show.  As you can tell, it made one little girl pretty happy and we pooped out the mare.  Well, maybe I should say we tired out the mare!  Anyway, it's been a great summer and all the horse activities I've been a part of makes it so great to be back here in Wichita - particularly being able to show and trail ride with some of my former and many new barn friends.  We've got one show left in October right here in Wichita and then will train hard over the winter with a goal to also ride English with the horse next year.

Jammie...we love her too much!  We are going to try to go English next year.  If you ever hear of someone who might need a horse like her, you might keep us in mind.  She is such a sweetie, we consider her a family member :)  I will have to send you more pictures...there's a couple of not so good ones attached!  We'll be hitting our first spring show in another week!

Stay in touch!  Did you get married?

A Royal Zipper ~Now at a training/lesson barn in Sachse, TX

The paint mare you sold me is doing well. She takes great care of a couple of kids I have and is a real pleasure to have in the barn. I've even taught her to jump! Just crossrails...but still! Very cute. I have someone else looking now. He's about 6 foot and has western background, but just starting english. I haven't really seen any big horses out at your place, but if you get anything could you let me know? It needs to be pretty much the same as the mare. Really broke and beginner friendly. Just let me know Thanks, Shelby

The paint mare I bought from you a couple days ago has come up really nice. She babysat some kids today and she's still cool enough for me to get on and have fun. I'm very happy with her, you and Amanda. Thanks for all of your help and honesty.
Hope to talk to you soon

Shelby Graham

"Stitch"  ~now a trail horse in Arcadia, LA!

To whom it may concern i love stitch.  he has so much personality.  he has tried me  to see who the boss is and he found out real quick.  i still watch his video everyday.  i have also been riding him everyday.  he has a wonderful walk i haven't made him  get into that nice little lope i may have to use the spurs on him.  right now we are getting to know one another.  again he his a doll.  thanks.

Tri Mi Zipper aka: "Jeffery" ~now a trail horse, along with Dr. Seuss in Weatherford, TX!

Just wanted to let you know we are really enjoying Jeffrey. He's such a sweetheart. He gets along with everybody, and best of all, he seems happy no matter what we're doing. Lisa and I have been able to ride together for the first time since she was in high school. It's so great!

Thanks again. Have a good week.


Black Canadian Storm aka: "Little Joe"   ~now a hunter/jumper pony in Houston, TX!


Scooby Doo ~Now with a dedicated young rider in Lumberton, TX!


This is Rachel. I bought Scooby Doo. I just wanted to let you know we are doing good. I love him so much. I never wanna give him away.
I have been working on ground work alot lately. I still have not started barrel racing but that hopefully will change this summer if my parents
will let me and if i have time.

I just want to let you know everything is going great with Scooby Doo. I got the bit and it is much better then what I've been using. The other day I loped him around and did some sharp turns, and yes I did all kinds of halts. :) I am so happy with him though. He truly is
a awesome horse. I can't thank you enough for all the training you did with him. I have gotten comfortable enough to lope him around now, so I am ready to start training in barrels. The only problem is that it keeps raining. I want to go out there and start barrel racing, but it's slick out there that I don't want to hurt him or me. Besides the bad weather he is doing great. I could send you so pictures of how he is doing anytime you want me to. I would just have to take some. I have either been riding him, playing around with him, cleaning him, or its just been raining so much I don't really take much pictures. Anyway, he is doing great. He really loves it here and he loves his new best buddy, Oreo.
Thank You,

Montoya Tessica  ~now a pleasure and trail riding horse in Old Tappan, NJ!


Tess arrived safe and sound and calm at 4:30 this morning. We ( I woke up my son Pete) unloaded her in the street in front of my house and walked back to the barn.She was as cool as a cucumber .I was /am incredibly impressed since it was really dark out- the moon had set.Settled into her stall -sipped a little , had some hay and was relaxed. Gave the wall on good kick which I'm sure the Haffie needed- someone has to keep her in line ! Donny was terrific,called me, let me know what was going on and just a really nice decent human. This has been the best- easiest horse transaction I have ever experienced. I cannot thank you enough.

Tess is beautiful ,can't wait to take her outside and see what she really looks like AND RIDE !!

Thank you again,


Ex Me In aka: "Otis"   ~now a family pet in Aransas Pass, TX!

sending a few more pics of dallas and the everyone playing basket ball.. in the first one he is standing back thinking should he get closer and the second one he is next to my daughter looking like when is it my turn and the last one he is following my lil boy thinking he can get the ball from him haha.. he is just to cute and i wouldnt trade him for anything, he is very loveable and loves to give kisses espeecially to my lil boy.. hope you enjoy the pictures...



just wanted to send you some other pics of dallas and my lil boy.. i was going to send you videos of dallas playing in the water with me when we had a hard rain for 30 mins and it flooded my whole front yard.. he would walk into the water with me and then just plop down and my a wave then start rolling in the water, but those videos are on my other computer, ill try to send those next time there is alot of wind in the back ground. but these pics are where in the first one dallas is giving my lil boy a BIG WET KISS and my lil boy said it tickled haha... the other was where they were giving each other a kiss... he is very good with my lil boy, he follows all of us but once he sees my boy he is going where he goes, weather its just walking or on his lil rideable car he has... he is so sweet, ive never actually had a horse go in the water with me and i was going crazy that day haha... well just wanted to send a few pics and ill try to get those videos to you soon..



here are some more pictures of Dallas/Otis, he is so silly. the number 9 pic is him wanting to eat my daughters Guinea pigs food, number 8 is Dallas at our front door waiting on us i guess, we opened the door a he was right there ha.. and number 7 is our Lil boy giving Dallas a carrot ha, number 4, is my husband Paul and our son.. number 5, my daughter Chelsea and pj my Lil boy.. and number 6 is, where Dallas was starting to run to go chase my husband on the 4 wheeler.. he is so silly, its crazy what things he does... hope you enjoy the pictures.. my husband said that ill be riding Dallas next to get a pic taken to send to you and Amanda to see...



Dallas is doing really good. we are enjoying every minute we have with him, he is just like a puppy, helikes to run up and down the fence line with my dogs. he is very good with my little boy, if he cries he comes straight to him to see whats going on, the two of them love to give each other kisses, its really cute. my husband and daughter are getting to where they aren't as scared of him anymore, but i think Dallas knows they have a little fear towards him and Dallas purposely will follow them around and they will run its hilarious.. anyways i like to thank you so much for him, i really enjoy him he is alot like my horse i recently loss in January.. i hope to see y'all soon again and someday get a play partner for Dallas to play with from y'all.. again thanks for everything..



"Jack" ~now has a forever home as a pleasure horse in Reno, NV!

  I have just got to tell you how much I love Jack!!!  He is so coming around.  He is very comfortable with me and now walks up to me to put his halter on.  He has wonderful manners loves the attention and wants to be ridden.  I don't push him he just takes me (mamma) for a pony ride.  He makes all my horse work worthwhile.  He came thru the winter great.  I am so glad I found him!! Nancy from Reno

Rode him today he is outstanding. We are totally connecting did a beautiful slow jog trot on the buckle so to speak, I read him and he listens well. He is getting very relaxed and soft. I don't ask much and he doesn't expend any more energy than he has to. He is so what I wanted. No arguements. He is very comfortable with me as I am with him. Now for a new name. Asante means thankyou in swaheely{african} that might be it. I have to see what he thinks. Nancy

He did great!! He is very responsive and willing. He seems to go with the level of the rider. We are connecting. I love the slow jog trot and of course he wants to stop when I sit down but kiss kiss and I can push him right past the stop. We will get it together literally. I really really am Happy with him!!! I do want to change his name and am having alot of trouble with that. He is so calm, kind and pleasent. He got his shots yesterday and had no reaction from them. He will get his teeth floated in a couple weeks and we should be ready to head into winter. I really like his nature, spirit, and way of going and I knew all that from watching his video! I couldn't be more happy with him!!!! Thankyou so much for making him possible. Nancy

Micah ~now with a new rider here locally in Fort Worth, TX!

I just wanted to tell you how much we love Micah! I have recommended ya'll to many of my friends. You do a great job in marketing the horses. I have tons of pictures of her from your website. Thanks!!
I have been taking lessons on her and learning to jump. She is the perfect babysitter that I needed. Micah loves her paddock mate (Sheza) They go through a round bale in about a week and a half. The girl loves her food!! I put front shoes on her and her feet look so much better.
I just put her on Mare Magic to see if she will calm down. She is a different horse than I bought her. She has so much more energy. I always have to put her in the round pen before I ride. I know she is a pushy big mare, I have to tell her I am the boss. My shoer also sees a big difference. Was she on any supplements or do you recommend any that might work.I would love to get her like she was 4 months ago. Please don't get me wrong I love her to death. We are learning together. I hope to send pictures soon. Thanks again Mary Collins Fort Worth

Chicos Charlie Horse aka: "Shooter" ~now a trail horse in Alachua, FL!

Shooter made it! He did well. He is very sweet, I got on and rode him bareback with just the halter around the property...I love the way he stands completely still. I have a thoroughbred that can't stand still for more then about 2 minutes without pawing, pacing or throwing her head all about! It's refreshing to have such a calm horse!

Thanks again! Bo

Miss Delta Steel ~now a pleasure horse in Echo Bay, Ontario, Canada

Delta is such a sweetheart though she may need more time on a one on one with me nicer weather is coming so i will have more time for them both. I ponied my gelding while riding Delta she did not not seem to mind at all. she also was great when when i took her on the side of the busy fast hwy.
we had to have been gone for about a 2 hr ride she was excellent i love her anyways buy for now i will wait for pictures of bunny and the black appendix as well take care. pam

Claytons Blue Jake ~now pleasure/trail riding in Happy, TX

I bought Clayton the blue roan back in Feb.  I have misplaced the papers you sent and need another copy  of the signed bill of sale if you can get one. Sorry it has been so long.  I just kept thinking I would find it but I need to get his papers changed before I completely forget.  Sorry for the trouble. 
Magen Pearson
P.S.  He is doing great

Thanks "Blue" is doing great. We gathered cattle all week and he acted like a pro; great trail riding in Palo Duro and a sweetheart in the barn and pasture. We enjoyed you girls and your facilities. I will be recommending y'all to others.
Thanks again,
Magen Pearson

Treasured With Rain ~doing playdays with a young girl  in New Port Coast, CA!

Just wanted to drop you a note on Shelly/Rain....Our whole family just loves her. Thanks so much for all your help. We'll send some info/pictures back to you all.

I have a couple quick questions if you don't mine:
When was the last time she was shoed?
I noticed, she really needs to have a good workout/turnout in order for my daughter to really control her. Also, we tried a smooth 5" snaffle bit...which didn't seem to be enough to really get her to stop and respond. Any suggestions, should we bring it up a notch with a twisted?

If you have any tips that you can remember with her that you could pass on...we would truly appreciate.

She is such a smart sweet girl...I think she has replaced me in my daughters top favorite things list.

Cheers and hope you are doing well.

The Monster Man aka: "Patriot", now called Rio and San G Pep "Admiral"
 ~Both now in Armstrong, BC, Canada!

wanted to let you know that all is going really well with admiral and rio. rio constantly tests me, but he learning i'm not going to give up my alpha position. i love how he hangs out with me no matter what i'm doing. he is so curious and i swear if he could help me clean out water tubs and muck pens he would. he's always in my face, but i love that when he's respectful. i finally found a saddle for him that fits. he's so much smaller than zippy and has a short back so i've been searching for a saddle since i got him.
i've attached a photo of admiral hanging out in the yard and zippy and rio in their paddock. they go out on pasture for about 4 hours a day, but each one gets a bit of time in the yard in the afternoon. they are great at "weed eating" the long grass around the trees.
love them both. they are great horses.

at long last patriot aka "rio" is home. i think i have to have a name that flows better. patriot is a nice name, but a bit hard to say so i took the middle out of it and named him rio.
he and zippy are going to get along really well. they have visited and had lots of communication over the fence. i'll give them a few days apart and then put them together. admiral is pretty indifferent to him. he would rather be with me. he is such a lovey horse.
rio got his first round pen lesson with joanne today. he's not too keen about letting her get on his right side and kicked out a few times, but she kept playing with him and he got it that she is the leader and eventually went off nice and quiet with no ill intent towards her and the flag she uses. she's thinking he's never had anyone ask him to do what she was asking, but she said he learns quick. he always returned to her at his own will when she asked for a whoa. he will be fun to work with.
he's out having his beet pulp mash right now. he's a bit thin probably from the trip. we put a stick on him today and he's 14.2. a little ribby right now, but we will fix that. i've stuck him on pre and probiotic to help him out and i've got great hay so it shouldn't be long before he fills out a bit.
will keep you up to date on his progress.
thanks for all your help.

Pumpkin ~Now jumping anything with his new owner!

Well, it has been forever since I bought "Pumpkin" from you. His name is now Peanut due to the fact that there was already a Pumpkin at my barn. He is doing GREAT, I couldn't be happier. Him and I went through a rough amount of time for a while but we confidently got over it and now he is just amazing. I was with my friends a couple of days ago and they dared me to try a 3 foot jump on him, I was thinking to myself that he couldn't do it. For crying out loud the thing is only a foot shorter than him! Well, I tried it and he glided right over that sucker. I sent a picture with me and him doing some jumps, including the 3 footer. Sorry for not getting back 3 years sooner! Thanks a lot for him!

Cici Shinning Tenia ~Now running barrels in Eureka, CA

I don't know if you and your sister remember me, but my mom and I flew from California to Texas to look at a horse that I could use for barrels.  That was last July of 2008.  The mare i bought was 14.3 hands sorrel her name was cici shinning tenia.  I had originally flew there to see a different horse, but came home with one that fits me better:0)  I could not be more pleased with her =)  We are doing good on the barrels and even own a Belt Buckle this year!!

I am emailing you because I need your girls help again!  My Husband has seen how much fun I am having with cici and would like a horse too!  Hope you can help!! ??

Lots of thanks for helping me find my horse last year!

Melissa Ambrosini

JustAlito Pink Lace ~Now trail riding, and being a broodmare in the Czech Republic!

Hi YES Lacey foaled just TODAY on the pasture (almost in the midnight) and she has petty and beautiful but one colored filly. She is sorrel solid now but she will be probably red roan in the future. :-)
Please let me know by e-mail some info about stallion (name, registration number, color) please. That would be great if you will send also some picture or copy of his registration certificate ( if you can get some) please. The Breeders Certificate send please to my address as you mentioned.

Please let me know if you get my e-mail and if you can get this for me as I can ask APHA certificate for the filly.
Thanks a lot for your help!
In a few days I will send you more pictures for you and former owner of  Lacey..
Have a nice day!

How are you and your horses?

I just want to let you know that Lacey is in good shape here in Czech Republic and we are waiting for the foal which has to be born next week (if the info about breeding term was right). I would like to remind you if you can send me the name and registration number of the stallion as I can know who is the sire of the foal. As the foal will be born I will let you know because of breeding certificate you promise me to get from the stallion owner.

Thanks for your help! Have a nice day!


PS: In the another e-mail I will send immediately you can find the pictures of Lacey on the pasture with another our horses.. :-)

BKE CeeCee Way ~running barrels and poles in San Leon, TX

We love CeeCee! She is doing great!


Brenda Petters

Countess and Dolly ~Now with an awesome family on the beach in Acapulco, Mexico

Just wanted to drop a line and a few pics of Dolly's first experience  on the beach. Your Dad would get a charge out of our experience with my Mexican friends loading her on a trailer. They finally gave up and crossed the border using a three horse slant, because they could not load her and I guess it got ugly. Needless to say we had to drive to the Mexican side and pull the horses down ourselves, no one would touch her (she was crazy). Your Dad would have loved it, the same crew plus about 4 other experts decided to attend the festivities, which included beer. They pulled up chairs and sat in the shade while
I worked Dolly on the ground for about 30 minutes then I was ready to ASK her to enter the trailer, which of course she did not want any part of. After another 20 min she gladly entered the trailer and has not had a problem since. The bet was minimum of 4 hours I told them 1.5 hours and the actual was 55 min. Your Dad would appreciate the story so please pass it along, One for the dumb gringos! My wife Bridget is loving Countess as well. Both mares are becoming acquainted with Dunzee and it seems Countess will be the first to seal a deal, she should be ready by Wednesday.

Please pass along our regards to your folks and await a visit. How is the baby coming along?

Brian and Bridget

Jade ~Now a family pony in Sante Fe, TX

Just wanted you to know that we are so pleased with Jade so far! She is such a cutie! She seems to be adjusting well to her new home and has been getting LOTS of attention & has been making friends with our other two miniature horses and two mini donkeys- it's funny! And- I have found that Jade is really curious and responsive to small children...she follows around and watches my daughter and my niece & nephew- it's cool!

Thanks again for working with us- I just wanted you to know that she is doing just fine! We will be sure to keep you posted on her- and maybe we will be in touch again to buy another horse (hopefully for me!) sometime soon! Thanks for everything!

Kristi Click

Chicos Charlie Horse and Boogie ~now pleasure horses in College Station, TX

Our youngest customer -- Sinclair on "Lollie" at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show


Chicos Charlite Horse aka: "Shooter" enjoying life at the Schiller Ranch


Marcus ~Now a pleasure/trail riding horse in Grants Pass, OR

Marcus is doing very well.  I am taking him to a ranch this week to do some training with a retired policeman who rode and also trained police horses, I am sooooo excited, I know that Marcus will love it as will I.  I am the one who needs the training because Marcus is so smart and I need to do right by him.  He and I do however get along so well.  I adore him.

I hope that all is well with you and your family!  I will look forward to hearing from you.
As always, thank you!


I thought that I would send a picture of my granddaughter and Marcus. My son in law brought her up a week ago Saturday, and we had so much fun! She loved/loves Marcus. I took her for a ride; Marcus was good as gold!! Quinn was here for a week; she is three and full of energy; we however had the best time. We played with Marcus and backed cookies, lots and lots of cookies; I think it will take me at least a week to get my kitchen back "dough" free. : ) My daughter and family live in Santa Cruz, so this was a real treat to get her for the week. My son in law took pictures of Quinn and I riding and when he sends them to me I will forward one to you.

Marcus is doing very well! I just love him more and more everyday!!! After a week of not riding him, I took him out this past Saturday for a couple of hours and he was a dream!!!!! I am thinking/hoping that he is trusting me and I can't be any happier. It was an awesome ride; on the road, on some trails and he was spectacular.

As always, I hope that you are doing well, please feel free to take a vacation here, and I look forward to hearing from you. My best to you and Amanda!



I figured you were busy, and thank you for the information! I did order the one bit that you emailed me and am hoping to get it today. I have attached a couple of pictures of Marcus with my husband and myself. He is so beautiful! I'm hoping to get my work done for the day and spend time with him; it makes my day!

Again, thank-you. Martina

 Jelly Bean ~Now with Skylar Oke in Oakton, VA!

Thought you would like this picture. Hope you all are doing well. Talk to you soon,.Skylar is going to show jelly bean in January. Please if you will forward this picture to the previous owner. I am sure they would love to see him. If you could please tell them that he is doing great and skylar loves him dearly. thanks


Just wanted to let you know that Skylar did show Jelly Bean today and they got Reserve Champion of their division. She did three courses of 10 jumps 2 ft and it was timed event. They did wonderful together. Skylar has not gotten off her cloud yet. When I get the pictures off my camera I will send you one. I also took video but I have no clue how to send that. Take care


We check your website daily to see what is happening and it sure looks like a lot is happening. We would love to see an update on your website about jelly bean. Skylar looks for it daily. She wants everyone to know where he is and that he is doing GREAT!!!! They had there pony club lesson yesterday and the were jumping a in and out up to 2'6" and she was so excited. I am coming to Dallas the first weekend on Nov for a modeling seminar for Skylar and we got some of the cutest pictures of skylar and jellybean. I will try and send you a copy via email once I get the picture on my computer.
We are also going to start a little pony party business and Jelly Bean will be the star. We are very excited. I would like to do about 6-8 parties a month to help supplement our horses. I look forward to seeing PC. I love that little POA you have on your website. He is what I was really looking for but I have to tell you Jelly Bean is perfect for Skylar. As I have mentioned She loves him so much.

Take care
For your update. Jelly Bean is in Oakton Virginia. He is being pony clubbed. His owner is Skylar Oke and she is 11 years old. They are a pair made for each other.

Thanks again.

Adin's Apple Jack "AJ" and "Cooter" ~Now pleasure/trail riding horses in Orange, TX!

Just a quick note to let you know that Cooter has settled in very well to his new home.  He's a happy guy, and we are very happy with him.  We've taken him our quite a number of times since the "incident", and all has gone well.
Apple Jack is a happy guy too!
We plan to go on our first trail ride with them weekend after next.
Thanks for all your help.

Tommy and Trobie Thompson


Just a note to let you know we made it home safe with Cooter. He trailored very well. When we turned our horses out Sunday morning, Apple Jack went straight to Cooter to establish dominance. Cooter literally kicked Apple Jack's butt, but he will be OK. Today, they are friends, eating together in the pasture.

Also want to let you guys know it's always nice doing business with you. The two horses we bought were exactly as advertised.

Tommy and Trobie Thompson

Gold Leo Reed ~Now being an all-around horse for a sweet lady near Boerne, TX

Just wanted to let you know that Reed is just wonderful. We went to an “adult” play day and had a blast. We did a little bit of everything but the most fun was winning 2
nd place in barrels! During the clinic they had us switch horses and both riders that rode Reed said he was awesome! I hope to start team penning with him this spring at the cowboy church that I go to. Its been 2 years since I purchased him and absolutely NO regrets. He is the best.

Merry Christmas

Robin & Reed

I did have a lesson on Reed Saturday and he was a good boy.  I rode Sunday and he was like a little kid.....I don't want to do this!!!!!  We worked through it and he was just fine.  I am taking another lesson with the trainer tomorrow evening and I can't wait.  She has him spinning, side passing, loping collected, trotting with his head down and collected....and a really good stop on him.  He is still learning but he is catching on really quick.  I just love him so much.

Now that he has filled out, muscled up and his coat is really pretty I get lots of compliments when I bring him out of his stall and other folks see him.  Just wait until he sheds out his winter coat!!!!  Everyone says he is so pretty!  They haven't seen anything yet! 

I will keep you posted and will send pics soon.

Take care,


Play Box ~Now with Sam in Michigan!

I am sorry I haven't sent a pic of Play box. But we have busy playing and learning together. We did a cow clinic Last week and it was a good time.
I see you 2 have been real busy with horses. I keep watch just in case..lol Here is a pic of just 1 week ago if that..lol
Well here is his pic of his 1st snow fall. we got 13" last night. We have had a dusting but not like this. He is getting a nice winter coat, which I am very happy. I don't like to blanket if I don't have to. But time will tell especially when it gets 0 degrees.
Well enjoy you warm weather..
Talk to you soon Sam

"Bella", "Roper", and "Sprinkles" ~ all with the Harvill's in Waxahachie, TX!


I'm looking for a parade/showhorse, let me know if you come across anything like that.  Bill and I joined the Marshal's Posse and Bella & Roper are doing great.  Here are some pictures of us and our horses.Thanks

Prince Charming - "PC" ~Now a family horse and lesson horse in Houston, TX!

Just wanted to let you know PC is doing great. He is an awesome lesson horse for our kids at the YMCA Camp Pine Tree where he lives. I took him out on the trails last weekend and he did really good. He is such a sweet boy. He has paired up with a gray mare and follows her around everywhere she goes. We are very happy with him.
Thank you so much.
Mary Newland

Sadie and Stardust Lace ~Now both pleasure/trail riding horses in New Orleans, LA!

Hi there,

I hope all is well with you and Amanda. I miss coming out to Dallas, I was on a role for a while. I always check on you all through the website and only wish the best for you and your incredible business. You run an amazing show at Valley View and so many people are blessed with great horses because of your hard work. I am always raving about your stable and have sent your information to tons of people. I am surprised my uncle has not bought a horse from you yet. I am sure he will soon.
As you soon know times are hard right now. The real estate market in New Orleans has taking a big hit and my personal company is really struggling. I have been avoiding this email for a long time but feel at this point I am out of options. If I could take the economy out of the equation the last six months have probably been some of the happiest months of my life and I owe that to Stardust and Sadie. Being with them almost everyday is therapy to me and I know how much I need them in my life. At this point there is no way I can make sense of keeping them both so regretfully I am emailing you to see if you can sell Stardust for me. She has been an amazing horse and one that will make anybody she is with extremely happy. For my family she has been a trusting horse that anybody can ride. She is amazing along the levy in the middle of the city with so many scary new things around. Often we would be riding alone 15ft from a train and she always makes me feel so safe. She was the perfect match for what I needed and I know how hard that is to find. She really is a GREAT horse and many will miss her.
Having just said that I am not sure why I am selling her.:( I know I have to sell her but I would love to keep up with her where ever she goes and possibly have a chance to get her back someday.(if ever the new owners wanted to sell her) She is up to date on all her shots, never been lame, never required any special medical attention, never given me any trouble, always been perfectly healthy. I can have her transported to you all by the same guys that brought her to me.
Again, this was such a hard letter to write and I have been avoiding it for a long time but like I said sadly I am out of options. I can assure you that as soon as this economy or my career turns around I will be up there in Dallas trying to find the next perfect addition to my family. Having two horses has been a great ride and one day (soon) I know I will be lucky enough to do it again.

Please email me and let me know your thoughts about moving forward!

Take care, Kendall

*** Sadie is my heart and soul and I will fight to the bitter end to keep her in my life. I will sell my house before she goes anywhere. She is he horse I want my kids (when I have them)  to learn to ride on! ☺

Here are some funny pics from when me and my boyfriend took the girls out to Mississippi for the weekend.


I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely adore Sadie. She is exactly what I have been looking for for a very long time. Next time you and Amanda make it to New Orleans you have got to come ride with us.

I am going to send you some pics of us riding on the levee. I have never put a saddle on her. I ride her bareback in a hack every time I go out. I have not found a saddle wide enough for her yet but she doesn't need one. What type of bit would you recommend for her. I don't want anything too harsh because she is so broke but something anybody could ride her in?

Also, do you have her regular shot schedule? The barn was asking what you all had given her while she was with you. Thanks so much for everything. She his such an awesome horse.

Take care,

Monets Countess ~Now a project with the Jackson family here in TX!

I know your a busy person but I have to tell you.  I love this horse!  I took her to roping lessons with my son and tracked a few calves on her.  She was a blast!  I'm not sure if she's ever ran that hard but she was right on the cows and was biting their butts.  It was great!  She's still not sure what's going on but is definitely settling in well.  Thanks for all of your help.  We will buy from ya'll again in the future.


"Amp" ~Also with Janet who is now at school in Days Creek, OR!

As far as I can tell, Amp is doing fine and likes the place quite well.  Janet probably needs to ride him more.  I will get the correct equipment and send it to her.  Amp is in good hands, I toured the Stable myself when I took Janet down to Oregon in August.  They have a good feed program and lots of room for the horses. 
Thanks for your help.
 Mrs. Zello

Charlie ~Now a young rider's show pony in ALASKA!!


Here are some Pictures of him @ the fair banks Horse Show!!!!!!



Heza Mystical Zip ~Now showing with Michelle in Mcdonald, TN!

I received the Certificate of Registration for Heza. Many thanks! He is working out great for Michelle's riding lessons......very versatile.
She will start showing him most likely this Spring! He is just so versatile. Heza and Michelle can learn and grow together. The instructors are very impressed with his training and ground work thus far. Thanks!
I pray all is well.
God bless.

Kim Suekert

Spotted Sophia ~Now a project in Shreveport, LA!

Got the papers in Saturday's mail.


Sophia is doing well.

Camille Lyons

Harrison ~Now an all-around horse in Houston, TX!

Hi!  I just wanted to send you a note to thank you once again for suggesting Harrison to me.  He is such a wonderful horse and has a terrific personality.  It is hard to believe that he is so mature even though he is only four years old.  Although he grew up in Canada, Harrison has now weathered a hot Houston summer and his first (and, I hope last) hurricane!  Luckily, the barn where I board him was not damaged or flooded in the storm.  Other than his beautiful bay coat turning slightly blonde this summer, he is no worse for the wear and his beautiful bay colors are finally coming back this fall!

Now that I am mostly recovered from my injures and back to riding, I have been taking him to some local shows.  This weekend we got four firsts and one second.  Harrison is such a quick learner - one he sees something just once or twice he becomes a pro at it.  I am planning on starting to work with him on reining again and also on trail riding.  One of his best traits is his versatility.  He is also the easiest horse to catch in the pasture - when he hears my voice he runs across the pasture and stands at the gate for me.  Harrison is so unique (and smart) and he is a joy to have as part of our family.

We will be back to see you someday for a "husband horse".  We just bought some acreage in Luling so that we can have our horses live with us when we retire.  So, if you come across an exceptional trail horse with "more whoa, than go" that would be a great beginner horse, please let me know.

Nancy Currie

Hickory ~Now all the way up in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada!!

Just a note to tell you that Hickory has arrived safe and sound. He is Canadian now.....lol He sure is tired though. It sure was a long haul for him of course. Got him in his stall and looked around and found the water and had a nice drink and ate some hay. Groomed him up nicely from all the traveling sweat and his nose was just a twitching! Will give him a day rest and just groom him and get to know him a bit more before riding him. Will probably do that on Monday. Does this wee fella got a nice petite head. My halters are all to big for him. Will buy one special for this guy.
Forgot to ask you... What kind of bit do you use on him? And when was his last worming? And his last shoeing? Also, up here in Canada we do a spur stop on our horses.. Trainers do anyways. Is there certain commands you do with him, like kisses or clucks? Just would like to do the same commands as you do. Would make it much easier on him.
Can't believe how cute he is? Nice size for me also. Thanks and have a wonderful day... Shall await your reply...

Hank ~Now with a loving family in Springfield, MI!


Just sending you an update on Hank! We absolutely LOVE him! He has been so kind. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body!

Our friends brother is almost completely paralyzed and he said he would give anything to ride Hank. So, they put him in the saddle and Hank knew that he
was almost paralyzed because he stood perfectly still and led this man around as though he was a baby.

So, we absolutely love him! You couldn't ask for a better horse!

Talk soon,
Marilyn Wilkins

Poco ~Now in Santa Catarina, just outside of Monterey, Mexico!


How has everything been? I hope everything is working out great for you.  I’m just writing to say hello and let you know that Poco is doing very well, she is verywell mannered, on the ground and in the stall.

Guillermo Boughton

Odie ~Now REALLY enjoying his new life; both in Chama NM, and in Athens, TX!

Hope all is well back there in TX! Odie and I are up near Chama, NM for the summer and loving the temperatures and views.
Just thought you would like to know how he and I are working out. Today we did a 26 mile ride/walk across the border of CO/NM, most of it in some of the more rugged country that I’ve been in with a horse. Let’s put it this way…..we made our own trail.
After all my years of riding horses in the mountains of Colorado, northern BC Canada, and even in the wilds of Kyrgyzstan on the border of China, I can honestly say that Odie is one of those horses who is made for the mountains and loves every minute of it. I am extremely impressed with his agility and willingness to go anywhere and try anything. He cannot seem to get enough of going hard and exploring even the nastiest places in the woods. Just yesterday I rode him with a couple other horseback friends and even after 4 hrs of uphill at 9,000 ft +, he still was not wanting to go back to the corrals…even got kind of upset about ending the ride! I don’t know what his previous owners used him for, but if they had used him like I am I doubt they would have ever sold him.
From forging a chest-high river while packing our Jack Russell terrier, to sliding down a slippery mud slope on his butt and traversing a very bad patch of deadfall timber, he is truly a joy to ride and be around. All the fresh mountain grasses he can eat, and endless trails and backcountry to explore seem to have put him in horsey heaven. Plus, the cool 45 degree nights and 80’s of the day are very pleasant too.
When I get back from my upcoming backpacking trip into Wyoming I’m going to get him used to picket lines and hobbles. I plan on making a couple solo trips with overnights and need him to be able to graze at will during the night. I would just let him be free, but am afraid he would come sniff and harass me all night because I am resting when we could be riding! In three weeks we are helping move 1,000 head of cattle into another pasture here in the CO National Forest. Based on his eagerness to get after those critters today, I could be in for a little bit of “Man from Snowy River” action going after strays. Am getting him shod with cleat shoes this next week for better traction on those steep slopes.
I am so glad that the black horse that I was interested in that day sold..…otherwise I probably would never have had the chance to meet Odie and gain a new buddy and unbelievable riding horse. Sometimes horses just have untapped potential.
Attached are a few photos of myself and friends with Odie during our big trek today. These were taken in the portion of the ride where I needed the exercise more than him! Our friends are so in love with him….the gal is totally spoiling him with treats. :-)
Please tell his previous owners “thanks” for starting him out so well, and also for not wanting to keep him (for whatever reason). Sometimes one person’s rock is another person’s diamond. He’s just a joy!
Thanks again for providing a great service to me and other people looking who are looking for their new best buddy.
Amy Martin

Abbey ~This awesome little pony never made it on our website; now in Ardmore, OK!

Abbey is a gorgeous little pony with near perfect conformation, she went to a very dedicated, motivated young girl.  This young lady works hard and deserves the best.  Abbey went to be a teacher, for now they want to go to some local shows for experience, with a goal of hopefully one day cleaning up in the barrels and poles.  Abbey is a top of the line pony, before being sold to her new home, Abbey was shown on the POAC circuit, and won an International title!  This is super little pony, and they are turning into a super team.

Dancer ~Now living the good life on a ranch in Lago Vista, TX!

I just wanted to say that Dancer is doing good and is a great horse. She is in a good home and is loving her two playmates (Mate and Lonesome, both Geldings). I have sent several other people your website as I was pleased with what you had to offer when I came to look at the horses and the time you spent with us. Take care and I will talk to you soon.
Pamela and Bill

Daisy ~Now a popular pony with the kids in the Garnos family in Presho, SD!

Hey /i>

 I had one more question about Daisy.  Do you know if she has ever pulled a cart before?  We decided to hook her up to one just to see if she would pull it the other day and she did awesome.  We had all the little ones riding in it within an hour.  We even had her loping a little around the yard.  We had a blast.  My 6yr old even had the reins and he and I were driving her around.  My dad said she must have been driven before and I was just wondering if you knew.  I bought the cart and harness out of the paper and had never even hooked it up before and she pulled it like she had been doing it for years. I might get some skis for the cart and see if she will pull it through the snow.  Take care, we are having fun with Daisy.  Cheyenne Garnos

Just wanted to let you know my kids did great on Daisy the last couple rodeos of the year. My little girl used her for barrel and poles and they all took turns using her for the goat tail tying. Just wanted to say thanks again for a great little pony. Hope she won't mind the cold South Dakota winter too much. Take care and if you have anymore playday or kids rope horses for sale please let me know!

Thank you, Cheyenne Garnos


We will ride Daisy in a snaffle. That will probably work the best. We trimmed her feet and she looks good now. My kids are fighting over her, they like her allot! Take care and thanks allot for Daisy.
Cheyenne Garnos

Rudy ~Now with the Walsh family in Marietta GA!

I wanted to send some pics of Rudy showing in the Georgia AQHA shows with his boy Korbin. He is such a good boy, we just love him!





 Alex ~Now called "Romeo" is in Ridgeville, SC!

As you can see he has found the grass , after a week he can go in the pasture with one other gelding, and be just a plain real horse love love love him thanks for all .


Triples ~Now in a new home in Valley Center, CA!

I realized that I hadn't given you the awesome testimonial  about Triples that you so deserve. Thank You!! We love her. We call her Truly now because she is truly amazing!! She is one of the kindest, sweetest horses I have ever owned, we adore her! I was so nervous about buying out of state but the process was easy and WOW the payoff of owning a horse this nice was HUGE!! She lives nicely during the day in a 2 acre pasture and we tuck her in at night in a warm cozy barn. We do lots of trail riding (even lots of horse camping), she has been an amazing confidence builder for me, I just can't say enough great stuff about her, Thank You!!!

Kindest Regards,

Susan Herrera
Valley Center, CA

I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that Triples is doing really well. I have her up in training and she is getting a tune up.
Anyways, I was hoping that you still had the video clip of her and maybe the photos from the site that you could email me. My daughter loves the video and we haven't been able to play it off your site so I wasn't sure if you had the clip and you could email it to me so I could save it? Thanks for your time. She's a very sweet little mare. Once we get her all nice and shedded out and take her to her first show, I'll send you some good photos.

Kindest Regards,
Susan Herrera

Nick and Frosty ~Now pleasure horses in Lake Ariel, PA!

Hi there,

You're absolutely right-Frosty is a great mare.  I have absolutely no complaints about her!  Nick did really great at the show.  The first show he went to was a Western show and he actually was Grand Champ in the Sr. Western Horse Division and placed highly in the Open WP division.  At the hunter/jumper show over the weekend, he placed 6th out of 20 in an English pleasure flat class, which was great considering all the TB's and Warmbloods he was competing against-and that's the kind of horse that's super popular with the judges around here.  He also did two Beginner Hunter fence classes and did just wonderfully for his first over fences classes.  Everyone loves him and our trainer always raves about him.  They both are really, really nice horses!

If it's okay, let me think on Frosty for a week or 2 and get back to you for sure. We won't breed her. If you think this time of the year would be just as easy to sell her, then maybe we'll go ahead and send her to you,   What did you think was a reasonable price to ask for her?
Thanks so much and I'll definitely be in touch!


Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know that the horses arrived today in great shape.  They are all we hoped they'd be and were truly great considering they had been on the road for a couple of days, switched trailers so the shipper wouldn't have to come on a narrow back road, then came to a new place (where a stallion was out racing up and down a nearby fence.)  We're very pleased and happy with both of them!
Thanks so much for everything!!

Daphne ~Now teaching a little girl to ride  in Weatherford, TX!

Just wanted to give you an update on Daphne. Boy let me tell you how scared I was to buy a horse on the Internet! I have never done that before not sure I would ever do that again with anyone except Valley View Ranch.
When we 1st got home Daphne bolted out of the trailer, I was like ok she was tiered of being in there. She saw the goats next door and our mini stud running up and she went mad. I could barley get her in the pasture she was running and snorting and totally freaking out. I thought oh my gosh I was lied to I have bought a wild horse. She carried on like that for the rest of the day. The goats scared her like crazy.
After the next day she calmed down and my neighbor a barrel racer rode her and she did great. My daughter rode her some and did ok but she still needs lessons. I have been riding my entire life so I tried her out the next day and boy was I impressed.
I love the way she rides. I took her down the road and she did not flinch once. There was flag poles with flags flapping, cars, trucks and trailers going by. Dogs barking and running up. She just kept her head down and kept going. We crossed a bridge with running water under it and she did not even look. Took her down to the school walked her through the parking lot up and down curbs through the play ground that has tons if weird
stuff for a horse. She did what ever I asked of her and never spooked.
We are so happy. The weather has been bad so we only rode her over the past weekend but I am sure she is the type of horse that will stay the same no matter what.
I will be looking for a horse for myself soon, just need to save up some money. I am planning on buying from ya'll again. Thanks so much. Pictures coming with better weather. Would love for you to post the on the new owners page.

Thanks Miranda, Jocelyn and Daphne

Snip Crackle Pop ~Now a pleasure horse in Oregon!

I just thought I'd let you know that Crackle got here about 5:30 pm yesterday and settled in really nicely.  She seems to be just as advertised, she is sweet.  I like her very much so far.

Miss Black ~Now a beginner girl's horse in Layola, Kansas!

And the good stuff, photo of Katrina and Marymac J

Mary has put on weight since this photo, she is looking very good!  She is a wonderful sweet horse and perfect for our granddaughter.  Next year she will be using her in the Ride America program for Paint horses.  You may use this photo on your website if you wish; I will try to get you one of her riding too.


Jack Sing the Blues ~Now a drop-dead gorgeous trail mount in Burns, TN!

Hi Girls,

It's Jane Harris. I bought Jack from you in January. I am so happy with this little guy. He had some major cinching and cross-tying issues in the beginning, but I put him with a reining trainer for three months, and he is much better now - such a clown. I now have him at home, by himself, and he seems very content. I trailer him out to trail locations at least four times a week, and he is a great trail horse. He plows through anything I ask of him, and has the smoothest fast walk. I love it.
My trainer thinks I'm nuts using him only to trail ride. She loves him, and wants to show him. However, that's not what I bought him for.

I'll send photos one of these days. He's gotten really cute, and gets more and more roaning as the months go by.

Jane and Jack :))

Steady As We Go aka: "George" ~Now with a young lady in El Campo, TX


I wanted to check with you and make sure that I got all of George's papers. I
wasn't sure if I got everything since we had originally taken him on a trial period. Anyway, he is doing great! He is really a sweetheart and has the greatest personality. We love him! Let me know about the papers.


"Maximus" ~Now a family/trail horse in Ennis, TX!

Hi there!
I just wanted to check in and let you know how Maximus is doing.  He is just as sweet as you could want!  I have ridden him quite a bit this last summer and put him into some obstacle courses just for the fun of it.  We are getting ready for a competitive trail class in January so any and all exposure has been worth it.  Also the last Thanksgiving week my 6 yr old granddaughter and her cousin (13) from California came out for a visit and to see “her” blue paint horse.  MG (as we call him) was put to the test with two little girls riding him and just being kids on horseback.  It was a joy to see him just look at them like they were little nuts and then stand quietly and have them all over him.  The little one even went out (far out) in pasture to catch him so she could ride.  He is a joy to have around and a pleasure to ride.  Thought you might like to know!
How are plans for the wedding going?
Have a wonderful holiday and I hope to hear form you sometime soon.

Sue Hickman

Show Me Steady aka: "Chip" ~Now with a family in Houston, TX!!

Hi ,
Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the arrangements
you made for shipping Chip. He arrived calm, happy and in great shape. He is minding his manners with the other horses. I worked him from the ground a bit this afternoon and he did great...I think he will settle in just fine.

Thanks for making the whole process so nice and easy.
Cathy Jensen

DW Starlight ~Now a with an awesome new owner in Pueblo West, CO!


"D-dub", now called "Dallas", is in training to do reining and all-around events.


AintSheAwesome ~Now running barrels with a young lady in Brant Lake, NY!

Sorry these took so long to send, but we just wanted to let you know how well Dixie is doing. Shannon and Dixie are really starting to shave off the seconds around the barrels. National High School Rodeo came to NY for the first time this year and she went to her first rodeo this past weekend and they did very well.

These pictures are from a local rodeo upstate NY over Labor Day weekend. She did very well and placed in 2D.

Terri Gabay

Lucky Bonanza Doc ~in a new home right here in Rockwall, TX!

Hi girls, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Lucky Bonanza Doc. He is everything you said; He is doing well. I have not gotten to ride much with all the rain, but when I do I really like him.  My husband "cowboy troy" has ridden him once very quietly and is getting used to him and likes him to.

Thanks, Doris

Buttons ~Now riding trails with a sweet lady in Houston, TX!

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Buttons, which I named Selena. She is the sweetest mare I have ever been around. The trainer that trains for trails took her out for a few hours and said she is great. Everyone I ride with wants to buy her. Click on the big picture and the pictures below with appear where she is swimming. Thanks again, Ann

Magee ~Now a pleasure horse in Lubbock, TX!

Here are just a few pictures of Magie at her new home. As you can see Sazi had to get in the picture too. The last picture is how Patty gets greeted every day when she comes home.

I will send more tonight after we attempt to ride.



Tigger ~Now with a wonderful, dedicated little rider in Plano, TX!

Hi , this is Beth, I'm with Moraine and we have Tigger and I was just calling to tell you that they have just turned a major cornerstone, she is walking, trotting, cantering on Tigger and he is just listening and doing everything and we went on our first trail ride today. And he was picture perfect and she is just on cloud 9 so, we are doing very well w him and just wanted to let you know. Thanks

When his little 8 year old rider outgrew him, we sold Tigger again - to Moraine in Plano, TX

Hey We have put him in a 1/2 of pound and a flake of coastal hay, so we've upped his food, Moraine's having a lesson w Elaine everyday this week and loving it. And really doing really well. And I'm sure he's the cleanest horse that's ever been in a barn. Now he's getting a bubble bath and conditioning his mane and tail everyday now. So, we already know what his favorite treats are. So, its wonderful and they are making the perfect team . So, thank you! And we will keep in touch! Thanks

Tigger ~Now an 8 year old's pony in New Braunfels, TX


Tigger has a great new home with an awesome family.  He gets lots of love and attention!


My T Code Red -aka: "Teddy" ~Now with a little girl in Midland, TX

Here are some more pics of Emily on Teddy at another show she did with Terrie. Her & Teddy mesh perfectly together.


Bingo ~Now a hunter show pony for an 8 year old in Whitehouse, TX


Bingo - "Just Gotta Boogie" is now a top hunter pony showing at the AA shows!


Amber ~ has a great family home, now owned by a girl in south Texas!

I am sorry to just be getting back with you.  Baby was sick and then me too.  Well I have wonderful news.  Amber and Meg are lopping the barrels.  That little mare really takes care of Meghan.  Everyone says I got a great little horse.  I give them your web site. Hope you make a sale someday from Meghan & Amber.  I will be expecting my commission from any sales.  LOL  Well you take care.  Talk to you soon.
Leigh Anne

GiGi ~Now trail riding with a nice family in east Texas

Enjoying "GiGI" - whom we have nicknamed "Annie."

She is a love.  All is well  - we love her!


Sophie ~Now belongs to a family in Washington State!

Sophie is really a sweetheart and seems to love her new home here in Washington state. She is ridden by everyone in the family and has really taken a liking to my son Alex. He is still learning to ride and she takes things slow for him. We look forward to many years with her. Thank you for this gorgeous girl.


Here's Looking At You Kid aka: " Boggie" ~owned by a young lady in Covington, LA

Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Lauren and Boggie. His show name is Here's Looking At You Kid.  This is a picture of them at their first horse show.  We've had him a year now.  He has the BEST manners and is super sweet.  We are so happy with him.  You couldn't offer us enough for him.  Lauren LOVES him.
Thanks for a great horse.
Thanks Yvette

Monopoly ~Now a lady's trail horse in California

I am enjoying Charlie.  Everything is going really swell and he is a good boy.  Thank-you.  Debra


Twisted Britches  ~Now in California!

I purchased the paint mare Twisted Britches from you in April of 2006. Just wanted to update you on this wonderful mare. She was bred last year and foaled May 17, 2008, a beautiful paint filly we named Hot Spanish Twist ( her sires name is ZW Spanish Gunfire. I am attaching a few photos of our new little girl. Thanks again, we love her. Linda Moss-Badalamenti.

She has been to one gymkhana, where my daughter just trotted her through the events. She is going to another one this Sunday 6/11. We love her and she is already a very special part of our family.

Thanks again,  Linda and Stephanie Badalamenti


Emma, Mia, Sossz Sierra, and Sues Investment ~all with a nice man in Graceville, FL

Attached some pics of the girls... Am really growing fond of the crew.  Just spent the last hour or so in the lower field with the new arrivals watching them under the full moon. Sossz & Sues stick together and seem to be enjoying the company of my neighbor's tobiano gelding, he in turn seems to be showing an interest for Sossz. Sues keeps Emma & Mia (who seem to be body & shadow) at a distance. Emma & Mia are a little high strung and have been cruising the pasture steadily their hoof beats sound as one. E&M really enjoy each other's company and seem inseparable. Emma wants to nurse a grey mare but for some reason the grey wants none of it... : )   All in all everyone seems to be doing pretty good with Sossz markedly laid back compared to the others. They are all beautiful in the moonlight

Poco  ~Now a little girl's horse in Rowlett, TX


Hi all - ... I can not tell you enough how we appreciate this sweet little mare. See her today w/my daughter Christine. Hugs Kathy!


Snickers  ~Now a boy's pony in  New Boston, TX

I rode Snickers today in the round pen and she did great.  Thanks a lot for your help!


Freckles ~Now owned by a young lady down by Austin, TX

ope all is well with you guys.  How was the International?  We missed you at the Futurity.  Will you be at the Turkey Circuit?  Here are a couple of pictures of Candra riding Freckles.  She is doing very well and is fat and hairy as you can see.  Today is Candra’s first walk/trot show here in Austin on her trainer’s pony.  Hopefully, she can ride Freckles in the next one.
Have a good one and see you soon,

Cool ~Now owned by a lady in Durant, OK

He is doing great  the most loveable horse I have ever been around!!!!! and yes I have rode him  he picks up on everything very well  now that it has got so hot him and I spend more time playing in the sprinkler  you were definitely right about loving water   he thrives on it      Thank you again for him we matched up perfectly.



Roundtop ~Now owned by a lady in Marshall, TX

Roundtop is doing well. She has pretty much turned into a pasture horse, I have not worked with her at all after having my baby in
January!!! She is really amazing with Rylee (my baby) pretty much every evening I take Rylee to see her and Splash our other horse, and Rylee will take her hand and rub down Roundtops face and just oh and awe at her its really neat and Roundtop just stands there and lets her even pull her hair!!! I love it!!! She is very loved.
Take care

Warrior ~Now owned by an 8 year old girl in Montague, TX!

We got home with Warrior safe and sound. He is in the corral tonight visiting with our other horses across the fence. Its a good thing his name is Warrior because he still has to come out and meet my dad's horse Sonny. He is fun and easy to ride. My mom even got on him. She usually doesn't get on new horses. Thank you very much. Hanna


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